Hello, I’m Wendy

I help holistically minded, engaged parents become the parents they need to be for their challenging kids. I help see their struggling kids as gifted children and how that changes everything.


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A Personal Letter From Wendy:

“How can I be so committed and sensitive to my kids and still be struggling to help them?”

This is a common question I hear from clients.

As tenacious and engaged as you are as parents, it’s overwhelmingly frustrating to have tried so much and still feel like you are looking for answers for your child:

  • About their behavior, their thought patterns and where that might take them. Will they be loved? Will they be successful?
  • Concern about the “labels” their friends, family and school community may be projecting onto him/her, and what that will do to them
  • You’ve noticed that they seem to get sick more often, despite your best efforts and you’re not sure why
  • You feel like you are giving to your kids and trying all the time, yet nothing is “working.”
  • You sometimes secretly feel irritated, doubtful and judgmental about your child, his/her progress and behavior and then feel guilty about it

On the outside, it may look like you’ve got everything together.

But underneath it all, you’re suffering because you just don’t understand what’s going on with your child. They are different from you!

And you may be wondering:

“Is my child’s future on the line? Why can’t I just feel more peace in my life as a parent?”

If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve “done everything right,” trying herbs, supplements, practitioners, books, specialists, behavioral techniques and more.

This makes it more maddening, leaving you more frustrated, confused and overwhelmed, including feeling fed up with having to figure out how to fix this on your own.

The worst part is deep down, you worry that you aren’t doing it right or that your kid will struggle or may not have a good life or there are hardships ahead that you don’t know how to prevent.

You want to connect with your kid and give him/her some direction, but at this point, are not really sure how.

So how did you get here?

Let me start by putting your mind at ease: It’s not what you think. And it’s not your fault.

Instead, what if I told you that often times the most challenging kids are in fact highly sensitive and highly gifted?

  • Gifted children often “appear” challenging yet have huge potential.
  • The way to unlock that potential and unleash your child’s gifts into the world isn’t through “business as usual.” Or in this case “parenting as usual.”
  • Seeing the situation in a new way will help you thrive and enjoy your life.

In most parenting and cultural norms, focus is on fixing the behavior, remaining “hyper focused” on the “wrong” or even giving in to technology and the quiet screen time.

The result is more unhappy kids and parents.

In a nutshell, Learning to Work With Your Child’s Gifts Makes ALL the Difference

This is so much easier with the right support and guidance.  

Hi, I’m Wendy Vigdor-Hess.

I help parents become the parents they need to be for their challenging kids.

I help them see their challenging kids as gifted children and how that changes everything.

This includes step by step coaching to address the specific challenges you face and support your child and your family to thrive with new connection, positive energy, dietary shifts, organization and finding more magic in the mundane of daily living.

The planet is evolving – and to succeed, we need this next generation of healers and leaders to share their Light.

A paradigm shift is upon us and they are the leaders and healers bringing this forward!

Fulfilled and consciously connected kids and families are needed!

You can be a part of this by learning to parent differently with amazing benefits for you with less worry, more fun, a deeper connection and happier, healthier and resilient kids!

Contact me and I’ll show you how to do this.

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