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Wendy Vigdor-Hess, RDN, CECP, WellCoach®, RMT 

I show holistically minded, engaged parents how to become the parents they need to be for their challenging (yet gifted) kids.

An Interview With Wendy

How did you become a family health and parenting coach for parents with challenging children?

For years, I worked with families on their nutrition, their family dynamics, their chronic health concerns and more. After some time, I realized many of the families I’ve met, were parents of highly sensitive children.

These children often are misunderstood and “show up” in life as challenging: they often have health challenges, challenges at school, at home and in how they relate to their parents and siblings. This can be tough on parents!

However, having been a sensitive child myself, and raising sensitive children too, I realized there was a gap in what was being offered to parents as a solution.

Too often, parents were being offered “parts” of the solution. They would learn a bit about discipline from one expert, health from another, family organization from yet another, and so on.

But when you’re raising a challenging child (and in my view, a gifted child hidden in plain site!) it’s most useful and effective to have someone look at all the pieces that impact your child’s behavior.

So that’s what I’ve done. I’ve integrated all of my personal and professional experience – the nutrition, the behavioral counseling/nervous system regulation, the energy healing, the organizational systems and addressing toxic load – into one, singular, transformational service that helps parents become who they need to be to facilitate a transformation in their child, and ultimately their entire family dynamics.

Who are your clients, exactly?

My clients are conscious, holistically minded, creative and engaged parents who have tried to help their children in many ways. They are still struggling and are ready to vulnerably take that next step to prioritize their family in a different way. I work with moms who are willing to put themselves on the list and prioritize their self-care amidst making these changes for their family.

My clients are smart, capable, and also frustrated, tired, possibly confused, fed up and even suffering silently. They have felt missed. They have read books and sought help and followed attachment parenting and “done everything right,” yet, are still struggling as parents and not having fun as a parent or in their life. My clients are tenacious and know there has to be something that can help and their passion for being good parents and seeing their children succeed. They see the potential for a paradigm change between themselves and as partners and also with their family but just don’t see the way through. They know (or are quickly learning) the value of support in enlightening the best in themselves and their kids. To see more about the clients I see, click here.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

While I’m certain I can help most parents experiencing struggles with challenging kids and lifestyle, I’ve discovered that I do my best work with moms and both parents who embody the following characteristics:

  • Proactive, Ready and Able – If a dual home, both parents/partners are willing to learn and make the changes they need to obtain their desires.
  • Vulnerable – My best clients are willing to be vulnerable and to see changes as a different perspective from which to live and are willing to be curious, aware and conscious from this new vantage point to make deep, lasting changes.
  • Willing to take responsibility – My best clients put into practice suggestions discussed and take action consistently and apply new things.
  • Are self-motivated but wisely seek support: My clients are self-motivated and are used to accomplishing what they set out to do. They also know the value of doing things together and seek support from other experts to help them achieve their desires and dreams.
  • Open-Minded – My best clients enjoy learning new things and come to our sessions with an open, interested mind and a willingness to get to the heart of the matter.
  • Compassionate – My best clients are sensitive to others and may even feel what others do, offering these gifts in their own lives and have curiosity around creating more balance around this gift of both compassion and empathy.
  • Paradigm shifters – My best clients have a drive to be the best version of themselves and have not always “fit into” modern culture – they can see the potential of doing things differently and often have. They pay attention to life’s messages and they strive to live consciously.
  • Capable Communicators – My best clients enjoy sharing and talking on the phone, have faith and trust in the work we do together who share what is really going on with them, what’s working and what’s not. They keep me informed during sessions and in between.
  • Create time outside of our sessions – My best clients are able to set aside a little bit of time and mental energy every week not only for our phone sessions but also to integrate some of the things we have talked about.
  • Passionate about doing what it takes – My best clients are willing to see patterns that may not be congruent with the way they intend to live and do something about it.

For what type of person are your programs NOT going to work?

My programs will not work for people who:

  • jump in but don’t follow through
  • don’t value investing in themselves and their future health and well-being,
  • are not willing to show up. While intended to fit into the lives of busy moms and parents, our work requires you have time, energy and space to devote to this time of awareness and transformation
  • are looking for a quick fix
  • want to blame and complain, not take responsibility and don’t really want to change

How are you different than other Parent and Health Coaches? 

I get the nature of sensitive, challenging children: My unique experience makes me a different type of coach: not only am I an empath and intuitive, I am a parent of sensitive kids that we have raised with the principles I am sharing.

I’ve overcome many health and relationship challenges of my own: I bring my professional knowledge as well as my personal experience having overcome Lyme, Hashimoto’s, anemia, Epstein Barr, adrenal fatigue and other health issues while being a wife and mother.

I look at parenting challenging children very differently: Most parenting and cultural norms focus on what’s wrong and fixing the behavior. I approach your parenting and your relationship with your gifted child differently.

I don’t see the challenges as “problems” to be solved but rather, opportunities to be uncovered, discovered and positively integrated into the unfolding of a beautiful life with your family.

I’ll help you see your child differently, so you can respond to him/her differently and ultimately create better, more empowering results in your entire family.

Each member of the family is important to me and we work with that in mind. There is not one way to raise a family or to have healthy, happy children. We focus on YOUR way and what works for YOU and your lifestyle.

I offer a step-by-step, yet highly personalized approach: After years researching, learning and putting into practice what I’ve gleaned, I have developed a step by step way of breaking free of frustrating and ineffective ways of relating to your “challenging child” and creating empowering family dynamics that help you, the child and the entire family unit thrive. These changes bring forth sustainable, deep and lasting shifts for long-term health, happiness and family connection.

To read more about my approach, click here.

What exactly is your Family Health and Parent Coaching Program?

Essentially, we begin by committing to working together for at least four months during which time we meet regularly to support you in making the changes with the challenges you are facing as a parent. We follow a structure that allows for a degree of both predictability and accountability as well as freedom for us to adapt it to make our time together most valuable to you.

We cover a holistic, step by step approach, giving you what you need to successfully navigate the challenges you are facing in new and more easeful ways (food and supplement, toxic overload, family dynamic, energy and intuitive shifts, mindset and more). To see a more detailed explanation of the branches of my Program, click here.

This is a basic explanation of the program, which is best understood in conversation. I invite you to schedule a Free Holistic Parent Discovery Session with me, so we can really talk about how I can help YOU with your unique family needs. You can also read more about my approach here.

Does this really work?

Absolutely! There is not just one way to live in peace with your family. There are many. Using my approach, we highlight exactly that…what works for YOU. As busy families, we know schedules change all of the time with school semesters, summer breaks, shifts in sport schedules and more. Working together with my approach won’t change the full-ness of your busy life however, it will deeply transform your relationship with it.

Not only does it work for our family, but for my clients as well. Feel free to read up on their transformations here.

What results can I expect?

Our work together will have a wide variety of positive impacts on your life. Everyone “heals” and makes changes at different rates. So while I cannot predict how quickly you will make changes or how specifically you will notice these shifts, I can however, promise you that you will feel more ease with your child and family dynamics.

Here are some amazing benefits available to you as a parent doing it differently:

  • A healthier child because you will know foods that help your child thrive and which ones create lowered immunity, stress and possibly even behavioral concerns.
  • Better communication between you and your child with less time needed to address difficult topics because you will have learned how you each communicate and how you listen and hear, curtailing and often eliminating the circular discussions that leave everyone more frustrated.
  • Better immunity and strength resulting from energy clearing and knowing what specific supplements to keep on hand for each member of the family that work with your body instead of adding more toxic load.
  • A better school experience because you will know how to advocate on your child’s behalf using empowered and positive language.
  • More ease in the home as a result of organized systems implemented where needed and more flow in areas that had been too rigid and confining.
  • More authentic beauty, joy and peaceful connection because you will be using your gifts of compassion and empathy to learn when to have the “disciplined or more serious discussions” and when to wait, tuning into a natural rhythm within yourself and each other.
  • A growing feeling of connection on a larger scale. As the challenges you felt diminish, it frees up so much time for attention to be placed on other topics and areas of interest, in your community or even globally.
  • With frustration, concern, criticism and anger lessened in your surrounding, you naturally turn towards each other instead of away
  • When not feeling a need to distract as often due to anxiety, worry and boredom, it leaves space for a redefinition of authentic connection with less “plugging in” to technology and more with each other, the earth and people around you.
  • Less worry, replaced with time for fun and staying present in the now

Based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know that you are the one I want to learn from. What are my options in getting started with you?

The best way to get started is to apply for a Free Parent Discovery Session, a private call between us where we can talk about working together. In that session I get to learn more about your desires and vision for your family and share more about how I can help. If I’m certain I can be of help, I will answer your questions and introduce you to the specifics of my Program. I’m Ready to Take the First Step

I’m not sure I’m ready to get started , how can I sample your work to see if it’s the right solution for me?

A great way to benefit from my work is to sign up for my bimonthly newsletter, through which I offer practical and inspiring insight on topics related to parenting and raising resilient kids.

Another way to get a “taste” for my work is to purchase my book: Sweetness Without Sugar. One whole pillar of my Program is devoted to diet and food. If you suspect refined sugar, dyes, gluten or other food sensitivities may be contributing to the challenges in your home, learning more about going from refined to real in my book can be very helpful. Click here to purchase.

Training and Education:

  • Working with Couples 3 day training with George and Linda Pransky
  • S.P.A.R.K. Mentoring Curricula: Speaking to the Potential, Ability and Resilience in Every Kid, The Cypress Initiative
  • Certified Divine Play Associate – 9 month 3P Practitioners Program
  • 3 year Developmental Somatic Psychology – Prenatal, Birth and Attachment 700 hour Practitioner Training with Kutenai Institute, British Columbia, Canada
  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
  • 3 year Clinical Program of Herbalism with Sacred Plant Traditions
  • Workshop Assistant, Healing Developmental Trauma and Attachment Process Workshop with Myrna Martin (Kutenai Institute)
  • Certified Wellness Coach
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • South American Shamanism 3 year apprenticeship with Everyday Medicine Woman
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Didactic Program in Dietetics – Loyola University
  • Nutrition and Dietetics – Bastyr University
  • BS Indiana University

Do you have a short and sweet bio?


 Wendy Vigdor-Hess, RDN is a family health and parenting coach specializing in helping holistic minded parents become the parent they need to be for their challenging (yet gifted) child. She is an author and creator of “From Challenging Child to Gifted Child” coaching program and helps parents bridge the divide between themselves, their child and their child’s future with her 5 step integrative approach. She has been coaching families since 2000.

When she’s not working with clients, Wendy enjoys married life with her partner, Bill, and together are the grateful parents of son, Solomon Orion, daughter, Althea Opal, and their dog, Pearl. Though her work is infused happily into each day, Wendy also enjoys hiking, dancing, yoga, creating, and get-togethers with family and friends.



Author and Speaker Inspiring Authentic Family Connection

Wendy is an author of Sweetness Without Sugar: A Resource Guide for Delicious Dairy-, Gluten and Egg-free Treats Made with Healthy Sweeteners with other books in the works. In addition, she has written numerous e-books.

Wendy presents locally and across the country to a variety of audiences on family health, parenting and wellness topics.

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