Additional Offerings

Additional Offerings2018-12-26T16:09:41-05:00

Energy Immune Boost Sessions

This is a very popular option! Perfect for the fast paced days of parenting and multitasking. This is offered as a distance (via email or text) session so you can still be in your daily life while getting a layer of support!

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Heartwall Sessions

While studying pre and perinatal education, I was amazed to learn that the heart is the first organ that develops in utero.  A heart wall is found in 93% of the population. This package includes the removal of your heart wall, no matter how many sessions. I invite you to experience letting go of trapped emotions so that you can live more from your heart for yourself and with your family!

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reiki certification classes Virginia

Reiki Certification Classes for Families

Reiki (pronounced “RAY-key”) is an ancient method of healing from Tibet. “Rei” means “universal” and “ki” corresponds to the “life force energy” known as Chi or prana in other Eastern systems like acupuncture or yoga. Wendy infuses her work with this energy and you, too, can learn more about this to help support your family with ease, calm and well-being in your home.

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Halloween Blessings


Family events, such as mother/daughter and mother/son dances!

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