An Optimistic Opportunity for Parents

An Optimistic Opportunity for Parents

As I speak to more parents who are struggling, I remain more optimistic and hopeful. There is an inner calm that “we will get there.”

I am by your side walking this with you and know the changes you want to make are possible!

As an empath and sensitive as well as a parent, I’m deeply touched by all of the energy, chaos, fear, grief, sadness….and the calm beneath.

Like the depth of the ocean, quiet and still even as the surface is choppy and rough.

This IS available for all of us. The waves that are happening are normal and natural. This is a time for staying open to what treasures wash up to our shores.

We can and are rising to this as we are forced to be with ourselves and families with less distractions of carpooling, scheduling, and obligations. We can also see how quickly time still fills up with extra laundry, sanitizing packages, rearranging work schedules, looking for new work, worrying and more.

My offer is to help free you from the life that has been created (sometimes subconsciously) to one you truly want.

You can be a parent to a sensitive and unique child and still live with inner happiness, having your own needs met, and putting yourself on the daily list! You and your children can have the balanced life that you dream of.

I have a couple of spots left for my program and am also offering smaller mini-retreat packages to help.

It somehow seems easier to see the problems with the onslaught of news, sanitizing videos, death, suffering, income shifts and more.

However, working together can shift the attention to the optimistic opportunity that lies within this time.

You are home now anyway, it’s a perfect time to allow, embrace and work through all of the discomfort and have a new beginning. A new normal with a new axis point of you at the center, grounded, balanced and empowered.

Let’s do it! Reach out and let’s take some things of your plate!

For quick ideas to listen to, join me on FB for regular posts with positive insights for your parenting and sensitive journey.

We will get through this together.


Love and Full Moon Blessings,



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