Wendy's Approach


I show holistically minded, engaged parents how to become the parents they need to be for their challenging (yet gifted) kids.

Whether you are struggling as a new parent or with the challenges of school age, tween or older children, you will develop a deeper understanding of your child and your parenting.

Most parenting and cultural norms focus on what’s wrong and fixing the behavior. I approach your parenting and your relationship with your gifted child differently.

I practice a holistic, multi-anchored approach.

Like the branches of a tree, with the trunk as your family, all of the roots and branches are grounded at the foundation of the tree.

Each part of the tree connects with the others and comes together in creation of something wondrous and beautiful, grounded and strong. 

It’s much easier to transform challenges when recognizing the intersection of all of the roots toward the same growth.

I have designed the 5 “branches” of my work to address your child’s behavior, your parenting challenges and the health of your entire family at the root of all common challenges parents of challenging, but gifted children face: The Family Food and Nutrition, The Family Nervous System, Family Organization, Family Toxic Load and Family Immunity.

Here is how we will address the challenges you are feeling as a parent and help you see these difficulties in a new light:

1. Improve Behavior by Elevating Your Family Diet – Dietary intake has a direct effect on your child’s behavior, ability to focus, to get along with others and to think clearly. You’ll learn how to eat (and what not to eat) for behavior but also moods, worry, patience, health, vitality and increased energy for all involved. We will take one step at a time to put food in it’s proper place and incorporate all the things that will most impact your common struggles with food and meals, from grocery shopping to menu plans to eating out, snacks to pack and more. This helps resolves so many issues!

2. Resolve Unconscious Cries for Help by Healing Your Family Nervous System – We will look at the unspoken and often unconscious patterns influencing your child’s nervous system and the overall “nervous system” of the family. By clearing old ways of relating to each other, you will diffuse tension in the “family energy field”. You’ll learn how to actually “hear” what your child truly needs from you and stop the cycle of repeating patterns that impede your child and family’s progress. This brings an overall calm for your child and the family as a unit.

3. Create a New Level of Calm by Organizing Your Family Home Base – Bringing organization to the responsibilities, boundaries and discipline of daily life can create deep peace in your child’s nervous system, balance troubling behaviors and provide greater ease in your parenting. We’ll find ways to simplify and organize how you do life so your child can thrive and you can parent more easily. From how you use technology, to breaking free of bribes in lieu of discipline, and more, having simple systems in place will create a “deep exhale” in your family.

4. Eliminate Sensory Overload By Going Green – Discovering new and fun ways to clear toxins and “go green and clean” for your home will do wonders for a variety of concerns: skin, behavior, “brain fog,” sinus issues, digestion, immune system and even help you save on healthcare costs. This step will also reduce behavioral challenges and shift the overall energy in your home. I will introduce you to easy options of products to use, what to look for on labels and even natural items like essential oils to support you and your family.

5. Clear Up Mysterious Health Challenges by Strengthening Your Family Immune System – I’ll use my medical intuition and energy clearing to address chronic or underlying health, medical and/or environmental concerns that may be impacting your child’s mood, thinking and health. By addressing obvious and sometimes hidden health concerns, you’ll be able to clear and shift any energy “drains” involving your family members and your home environment. Your worry around missed school, lower stamina and other physical, mental, emotional concerns will lesson and everyone will feel better.

My Coaching Style:

I will coach you to see your child, your family and your unique situation with new eyes.

I will offer new ways to help you notice your thinking patterns and using your thinking brain in a way that serves your child rather than seeing your child as a “problem to fix.” This alone results in positive progress and will replace the opposite effect of impeding the changes you most want for your family. You will be feeling more like the parent you want and need to be to see and highlight the gifts in your child. Your child will feel more confident in their role and safe to step in fully.

I will coach you to restore a sense of magic, ritual and connection in your relationship with your child and your family as a whole.

We will find the magic in the mundane and in the beauty of this family life you want. By restoring a sense of joy in your child’s life and your family unit, stronger bonds will be created with more connection and time together. Developing ways to integrate ceremony as a mindset and honor the oasis of your own home and time together wherever you are brings feelings of safety and calm amidst the “crazy” in our world. Essential for a gifted and sometimes challenging child!

I will coach you every step of the way.

We will meet regularly over a set period of time to ensure you make progress, one step at a time. All of my coaching takes place via telephone/Zoom or in-person (if you’re local to the Charlottesville, VA area).

I listen and am with you in your pain and struggle and hold your hand through it, not as a crutch but as a layer of support to trust, remove the clouds and cobwebs for your clarity and wisdom to shine through.

I will personally and carefully guide you to make simple, small changes that transform your life. Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated.

We will start right where we need to for your family and can begin as soon as your Holistic Parent Discovery Session is complete.

Embracing these steps and you will see your challenging child as the gifted child they are.

Are you ready to go from challenging to new connection with your child?

PS. Not ready yet? No problem, click here to learn more about me and how I began working with families.

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