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Leading Your Family When You Don’t Know What To Do

How can we parent while grappling with current events? How do we show up stretched with homeschooling, moving Black and White Hand Images into summer, a pandemic, protests and outrage? Using the expression, how we do one thing is how we do everything, we take action by taking a first step. Any hiding [...]

An Optimistic Opportunity for Parents

As I speak to more parents who are struggling, I remain more optimistic and hopeful. There is an inner calm that “we will get there.” I am by your side walking this with you and know the changes you want to make are possible! As an empath and sensitive as well as a parent, I’m [...]

Parenting Not Cancelled While Quarantined

While many activities, locations, meetings, sports and other kid things cancel, parenting does not.    In fact, for many, it just got harder.  It is a lot to be a parent in addition to learning to support online classes, 24/7 at home time, unknowns about job security and other stressors. So how can we, as [...]

Parenting While Loving Yourself First

If you have ever flown, you are likely familiar with the “put the mask on yourself first before helping another.” When it comes to our kids, as parents, how many times are you doing for them BEFORE yourself?! For the parents I work with, establishing an understanding of self-care is essential. It’s so easy to [...]

Insecurity and Parenting

When it comes to parenting, people love to give advice and share their .02. This often happens whether asked for or not. Whether pregnant, adopting or well into the parenting ride, people are wired to connect and to help. They want to share. Even if meant well, it can add to confusion, insecurity and doubt [...]

Solstice Blessings – In the Dark We Open to the Light

As we approach the darkest days of the year in the midst of many holiday celebrations, it is common to have mixed feelings. One of the ways you can feel really “in the dark” about how to change what is not working, is with your kids. It’s like a dark secret in the darker days. [...]