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Solstice Blessings – In the Dark We Open to the Light

As we approach the darkest days of the year in the midst of many holiday celebrations, it is common to have mixed feelings. One of the ways you can feel really “in the dark” about how to change what is not working, is with your kids. It’s like a dark secret in the darker days. [...]

Could holiday treats be making things worse?

As a parent of a child with food sensitivities that impact her health and mood, I don’t love being offered multiple “treats” everywhere we go this holiday season. But saying no at every turn doesn’t feel good and makes me feel like a Grinch. This is a challenge for the parents I work with too. [...]

Gratitude and This Too Shall Pass

When “in it” as a busy parent, especially with sensitive kids, it is easy to feel trapped, frustrated, like “this (fill in the blank challenging behavior) will never end!” Maybe you have taken it a step further and started asking yourself disempowering questions like: “What’s wrong with me? “ “What am I doing wrong as [...]

Halloween, Holidays and Sensitive Families

Spooky may be scary for you and/or your sensitive kids. If you remember enjoying the creepy costumes and all that went with it but your child is different from you, Halloween may pose unexpected reactions within your family. One person’s idea of fun could be another’s fear. As both a mom and having worked with [...]

Self-Care for Parents

  This is another BIGGIE from a number of you in response to my request for your feedback post here.  Keep them coming! Once you become a parent you wonder what you did with your time. You may find yourself daydreaming about “the old days” when you had time to talk to your partner, read [...]

Finding the Fun in the Serious-ness of Parenting

The topic of fun and family tend to go together with childrens’ natural inclination towards enthusiasm, energy, engagement in life and well…..fun. However, when challenged by your role as a parent or feeling exhausted, worn out, tired, and like your role is to provide everything, “make them happy,” and sacrifice your own needs for theirs, [...]

A Favor? What Are YOUR Kid Challenges?

As more kids are returning to school and parents are reflecting on summer and stepping into fall, this email is to keep it fresh for you. Is it with devices? How has the “too much device time” shown up for you? What do you envision changing? Is it around another specific behavior challenge? Is it [...]

Releasing the “too much device use” shame

I’ve had many parents thank me for my last blog post about technology. LINK HERE Listen, there is no shame or judgment if you are “in it” with this technology thing. Whether it has “been a thorn in your side for a while” or you are just waking up to realizing that maybe you let [...]

Finding Real Connection in the Digital Age

Connection to technology is normalized in such a way that both parents and children see being on a device as regular, daily life. In addition, struggling, sensitive and gifted kids often get “plugged in” to help calm down, for a parental break and because they often enjoy the stimulation of learning and the challenges offered. [...]