Awakening Mama Empaths

Awakening Mama Empaths

I’m just going to say it: This time is a Call to Action. 

A Wake Up Call. No one is immune to that!

How we all “do the wake up,” is different.

If you are a highly sensitive parent who likely also has sensitive kids, I am excited for you!

Of course you feel the stirs and swirls of “doing it all,” the usual stuff PLUS homeschooling, plus being home 24/7 with kids and spouses, plus a different relationship with “me time,” the house cleaning factor of “all the time mess,” need I go on…..

Here is what I know for sure: The distractions will never go away….unless YOU TAME THEM, YOU UNCHOOSE THEM. Before it was carpooling and “busy;” Now I’m hearing from you that it is homeschooling, managing tech time, no time to yourself, husband driving you crazy and more.

A better question to ask yourself might be: How can you parent well NO MATTER YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES.

That, dear mama, is what brings me to the excitement part!!


As sensitive women and parents, how can you learn to love more deeply about what really calls to you?

How can you use your gifts of sensitivity as the Empowered and Engaged Mamas you are rather than to putting out the constant fires, holding up all of the balls, being the “go to” for finding the lost shoe, the recipe to make, the list of “to dos” that were delegated by you?

Join me for my new Virtual Zoom Talk: Mamas2BE4Kids: Embracing Your Engaged, Embodied, Empowered Empath Self during extreme times of change. To register for this Zoom call, contact me here.

If you want to talk 1:1 to learn more about applying this to your unique home life, click here to get started.

For quick ideas to listen to (when you do have those moments),  join me on FB for regular posts  with positive insights for your parenting and sensitive journey.


Rising up with you Mama!


Love, New Moon and Earth Day Blessings,




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