A Favor? What Are YOUR Kid Challenges?

As more kids are returning to school and parents are reflecting on summer and stepping into fall, this email is to keep it fresh for you. Is it with devices? How has the “too much device time” shown up for you? What do you envision changing? Is it around another specific behavior challenge? Is it [...]

Releasing the “too much device use” shame

I’ve had many parents thank me for my last blog post about technology. LINK HERE Listen, there is no shame or judgment if you are “in it” with this technology thing. Whether it has “been a thorn in your side for a while” or you are just waking up to realizing that maybe you let [...]

Finding Real Connection in the Digital Age

Connection to technology is normalized in such a way that both parents and children see being on a device as regular, daily life. In addition, struggling, sensitive and gifted kids often get “plugged in” to help calm down, for a parental break and because they often enjoy the stimulation of learning and the challenges offered. [...]

Shifting the Tone of Your Home With the Words You Use

Summer gives us an opportunity to “step out of our daily lives.” The change of pace can be both welcomed and challenging for kids sensitive to their environments. One thing that remains a constant “parenting tool” is the language we use to communicate with our kids. Have you ever noticed if you are too firm [...]

Summer Chemicals and Kids Behavior

As we embark on summer break I am reminded of getting ready for the sun and fun while still staying true to maximizing kids health with sensitive kids. Different from the common colds and flu in the winter months, summer tends to bring health concerns related to the heat, sun, skin issues, pesky bug bites, [...]

The Joy And The Dread Of Summer With Struggling Kids

I’ve spoken to many mamas lately who are excited for summer and relief from lunch packing, driving carpools, homework, the endless driving from place to place and bedtime meltdowns…BUT…. The other side of the story shared is the dread, worry and anxiety about those same “non-routines” for the kids and the “what am I going [...]

When Your Kids Suddenly Need More From You

Mamas in the natural world are fierce protectors of their young: bears, lions, foxes and more.  Our Mother Earth… What happens when you are protecting an aspect of a relationship that is asking for change? Have you ever noticed your child suddenly needing something so different from you? Our resistance and fear of change bring [...]

Sensitive Children and Spring Holiday Stress

There is so much to celebrate during this beautiful time of year: the birds chirping, the blossoms blooming, the colors returning not to mention holidays and school beginning to wind down for the year! Holidays can also feel overwhelming for a sensitive child. It can start even before the actual celebration with a build up [...]

Spring Break with Kids, the Challenge and the Treasure

The reality of traveling (or staycation-ing) with kids can go either way for parents….the bliss and/or the need to have a vacation from your vacation. You’ve been there right? I saw a sign in the airport, a big billboard, with a picture of a father and son, both sitting on the bottom part of a [...]