Transforming Your Relationship with Food E-Course

Transforming Your Relationship with Food E-Course2017-11-11T01:22:55-05:00

Sugar Addiction Series

Cost: $117

Ready To Release Sugar’s Pull On You?

In this 6 part e-course, my dear friend, Megan Buer, CECP. and I bring you realistic tips for curbing your sugar habit.  We incorporate a mind-body approach to food, exploring options beyond the typical deprivation/willpower model. We can’t wait to share our tips – physical, mental, and emotional – to release you from sugar cravings.

We provide insight into the detrimental effects of sugar on your health and discuss ways to naturally cut out highly addictive foods. This course is designed for people who are already health conscious, but are struggling with breaking the sugar habit. This 6 part video and e-book course combination provides healthy recipes to replace your favorite desserts as well as sample meal plans to get you started. Additional topics covered include:

What does sugar do to our physical body and to our emotional well-being?
What foods keep sugar cravings away?
What supplements will help you break the sugar cycle?
What emotions are behind sugar cravings?
How do I transform my entire relationship with food?

This transformation course will be broken up into 6 components, plus continuing support in our private Facebook group. Each day you will receive an email with a new video, affirmation card, journaling exercise, and PDF file with recipes, resources, and other tips.


What’s Included?


This course provides 8 videos that guide you in understanding more about the emotional and physical effects of sugar as well as alternative sweetners you can start implementing in your life today.


Your personalized e-book provides simple and nutritious recipes and snacks ideas that you can implement immediately.  You’ll also find supplement and cookbook recommendations.


Join our tribe as you work through your own personal healing journey.  This is an exclusive, private community to share your progress, ask questions, and get the support you need.


You’ll get personalized affirmation cards to print off and post throughout your home.  Our clients have found significant success by posting affirmations throughout their home and repeating throughout the day.

“I feel Wendy and Megan’s approach to cutting sugar is spot-on. It’s an approach laden with self-compassion with so many tips and techniques on how to support (versus deprive) myself.  They speak to the root of craving and allow for slow adoption of new, more nourishing practices for whole body wellness. Their dedication and experience in holistic wellness is palpable in every step too. I have a whole new understanding of my relationship to sugar and food generally. Thank you both for this incredibly supportive tool!”
Sarah, 39,
bodywork therapist and mind-body coach
“Wendy and Megan have created a thorough and informed course which will gently guide people toward helping themselves overcome sugar cravings and strive toward balance. After years of my own issues with food allergies, candida and blood sugar issues, and chronic pain related to metabolic imbalances, I can see that had I had course such as this to learn from, I would have shorted my journey to my current level of health. The basic suggestions they give can be a guiding factor in anyone’s journey toward health.”
Lisa Eller, CMT
“I was that person who always thought because I was over-weight that I was inferior. I was addicted to sugar. If I could just cut sugar I could be thin! Turns out it’s not about the sugar. My negative thoughts and internal bulling are what fuel my fire for sugar. Using the tips in Megan and Wendy’s videos and reciting the affirmations have helped me find peace (I also love that I can watch the videos over and over again when I need extra support.) After taking the “Transforming Your Relationship with Food” course I feel lighter and have more courage and self-love. I can look in a full length mirror and not cringe for the first time in forever. Loving me in my current state is key. Thank you Megan and Wendy for setting me on the right path for true healing.”
Kristin, mom to 3 amazing kids
“This dynamic duo combines their years of study and practice of mind/body nutrition with a healthy dose of love that promises to nourish you along a vibrant path that can contain a sweetness beyond all sweetness!!”
Susan Tate,
“The transforming your relationship with food course has been a real eye opener for me to really examine how I view my body and how I view my relationship with food. It has given me new insights and great tools to help on my journey to healthy and happiness. I’ve had many ah-ha moments and have enjoyed the friendship and companionship the Facebook group had to offer during my journey. Thanks Megan and Wendy for giving us relatable stories and just encouraging us no matter what phase of our personal journey we are in!!“
Rachel H.
“When I first saw the class called “Breaking Your Sugar Addiction” I thought it would teach me how to never want sugar again.  I didn’t think that was possible, nor did I really want it.  But I decided to try anyways because my desire to shovel chocolate chips in my mouth at all hours of the day was getting to be obscene.  As I watched the videos and thought about my answers for the journal prompts, I realized my drive for sugar was really coming from feelings of loneliness and anxiety.  I am learning to fill those voids with better things and to love myself, not to fight myself.  It also has helped reduce my cranky streaks and helped my home be a much more pleasant place to be.  I have a long way to go, but I feel a million times better about myself.  I highly recommend this class and group to everyone!“
Camden C.