Easy Herbal and Essential Oil Gift Ideas

Giving gifts is fun all year round whether they are gifts of our time, helping others out, buying something small that reminds you of someone or bringing food to a family.  We have the capacity to give and receive in so many ways!  What are some of your favorite gifts to give?  Do you enjoy [...]

Sweetness Without Sugar Meets KathEats

 (From I’m so excited to share this post today from Registered Dietitian Wendy! Her advice on sugar is spot-on! Hi there Kath Eats Real Food readers! I’m Wendy, a RDN, Intuitive & Transformational Coach and CECP who writes, speaks, educates, and consults about passionate and health-full living for families and organizations.  I am the author [...]

What’s the Big Deal About Gluten?

Photo: ilovememphis/Flickr. Gluten, the protein found in wheat and products containing wheat, is hidden in many common foods. During baking, the protein makes the final product stick together. Research has shown that when gluten breaks down during digestion, it produces a mild opiate effect. Unfortunately, gluten sensitivity is linked to common diseases such [...]

Questions About Using Soy

Photo: Augapfel/Flickr. In recent years, much has been written about soy. Experts disagree about whether soy is a new health breakthrough, a dangerous fad or somewhere in between. Here, I'm offering some guidelines from Chapter 9 of Sweetness without Sugar for you to decide whether eating more food products and recipes made with [...]

The Magic of Coconut Oil

I include coconut oil in many of the recipes for healthier sweets in Sweetness without Sugar. Though not a source of omega 3 or omega 6 essential fatty acids, coconut oil is  increasingly prized by vegans and omnivores alike who want to avoid hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated and trans fats; modern, industrial oils as corn, soybean [...]

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Perfect for the holiday season and anytime. Chocolate Chip Cookies –try these nutritious and delicious cookies to share with friends and loved-ones over the holiday season ... People have asked me for a version of the “real kind” of chocolate chip cookies. After many trials, I created these cookies, which are tasty like the more [...]