Clearing the Space for Something New and Antioxidant Punch Smoothie Recipe

Clearing the Space for Something New and Antioxidant Punch Smoothie Recipe


Here is a blog post that I wrote for Motherhouse of the Goddess:

We often speak of clearing and cleansing with seasonal changes.  However, there is always an opportunity to create anew.  An opening exists to receive something new is always at our reach, like a canopy of trees enveloping you as you rest on a hammock on a hot summer day or a chain or string hanging from a fan or light that if you got on your tippy toes, as a child, you can reach it!

Whether through food, ceremony, relationships, work or any area we are asking for change, making small tweaks can reap big rewards! Combining ritual with intention we create space by making room for something else.  We tend to think about what we want to get rid of even when beginning with the common goals.  I hear goals and desires of learning to live without sugar or gluten or optimizing a diet, reducing inflammation, losing weight, “getting healthy,” and lessening anxiety or pain.  It is the same for clearing space; we reduce clutter and give away items. The focus for clearing tends to be removing or omitting things, however, we can change the direction towards inclusivity and perhaps, not remove anything.  In nutrition and wellness, with the obesity epidemic and inflammation on the rise, we can shift our “making space” into asking for what we DO want.


As an intuitive, I look for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual manifestations underlying a person’s request.  Like cleansing or clearing space, it’s not that it has to be “bad” or “wrong” the way it is.  We feel the time to shift or desire a change when the moment arises that something is not the way we want it.  There can still be a peace within that choice for wanting something different.  We may find there is an incongruence or dissonance between how we are living in accordance to our deepest truths. As human beings, we all have experienced this in at least one or many areas of our lives.  This awareness of a discontent or need to shift is the juice, the place to move forward from!  These moments tend to be labeled as “bad” or “something to fix or change” when actually they hold a sweet nectar of potential!

We live in a time of enormous discovery with the possibility of opening our eyes and hearts to the infinite potential of change from within. Though change is inevitable and as the quote by K.A says, “Everything in the universe is subject to change—and everything is on schedule,” we can appreciate some tips to help to “lighten our load.” The answers will ultimately come from you, and below are some suggestions that may resonate and provide a few action steps.

Here are some steps to consider:

Small ways to bring ritual to our health and wellness goals:

  1. Build in extra time to feel timeless.  We are all busy, whether it is with work, family, deadlines or all of the above!  Setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier to start your day with more intentional time makes a huge difference.  I am a sleep til the last moment person and with 2 kids and long days, waking a bit earlier to have some quiet visualization, meditation, ease in preparing breakfasts and packing lunches is a pleasure to my nervous system!
  2. Choose simple actions that are meaningful for you to add to your day: a cup of tea or lemon water in the morning, a short walk, stepping outside barefoot, hugging a tree before the day starts, packing snacks for yourself, reading an article before your day.
  3. Light a candle while eating breakfast or eat on the porch or outside. Something different than your “routine response.”
  4. Pick an angel or animal card for the day.  Receive a message to carry with you throughout the busy moments to help anchor you back to the calm and quiet.
  5. Read or say out loud a mantra with total focus.  Say it or sing it, then “bring it” with you for the day.  It can be related to a goal you have or a verse from a favorite poem or a quote that speaks to you.
  6. Connect!!  Hug your partner, roommate, children, pets.  Take a moment to really squeeze and feel your nervous system relax.  To give and receive at the start of your day is a gift to all.  Make eye contact!

Some ideas of what to put in to clear nutritionally:

  1. Greens, greens greens!  Such a bounty in summer months.  Choose what you like.  Lettuce, spinach, kale, chart, parsley, cucumber, mint, cilantro and more!
  2. Smoothies are refreshing and cooling in the summer.  Add some of the greens for extra minerals and yum!  See below for an easy recipe to try from my book.
  3. Experiment with herbs and add those to salads and smoothies.  The mint family is lovely added to water.  Lemon balm or peppermint water!
  4. Eat real food that you can pronounce.  Keep it simple.
  5. How about some popsicles? Take leftover smoothie or make a fruit or fudge frozen treat ☺.  Check out Sweetness Without Sugar for some healthy ideas in addition to your own fun concoctions!
  6. Stay hydrated! Drink water!  Can add slices of lime or lemon or cucumber to your water.
  7. Keep gut flora healthy with probiotics (e.g. coconut kefir) and fermented foods (made with sea salt)
  8. Try some healthy new recipes.
  9. Green juice!  If you don’t have a juicer, seek out a local place near you offering fresh juice.  To make your own, some favorite combinations include: cucumber, kale, apple, lemon and celery OR beet, ginger, apple, carrot.
  10. Here is a simple and delicious idea from my book:
Antioxidant Punch Smoothie

Antioxidant Punch Smoothie (Makes 4 (1 ½ cup servings)

  • 1 ½ frozen bananas
  • 2 small handfuls goji berries (about 1/8 cup)
  • 1 package frozen unsweetened acai berry juice
  • 1 cup frozen organic spinach
  • 1 cup frozen organic strawberries
  • 4 cubes frozen wheatgrass (0.6 oz each)
  • 3 cups organic unsweetened hemp milk, original flavor
  • ½ cup Sun Warrior Vanilla Protein
  • 2 Tbsp flax seed oil
  • 1 ½ cups filtered water


  1. In a food processor or blender, use the “high” setting and puree all ingredients until smooth.
  2. Pour into glasses and serve
Sweetness Without Sugar Front Cover

For additional ideas, pick up a copy of my book Sweetness Without Sugar on Amazon.  In addition, to further embrace your journey with food and sugar and to address a balance with your own personal “love of sugar,” please check out the e-course I co-created with Megan Buer, CECP to help Transform Your Relationship With Food: Sugar Series.

We already know inherently how to life in balance; we just forget sometimes ☺. Clearing the distractions to make space for what you really want is not as complicated as we make it.  However, the distractions are there by design.  We placed them there…until we are ready….to change our minds ☺.

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