Consent and Personal Responsibility

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Consent and Personal Responsibility

By submitting the client questionnaire, I give consent and permission to Wendy Vigdor-Hess to conduct coaching and energy sessions to balance my and/or my child’s energy system, which may include light touch and/or tapping at various points on my body. I understand that this may include Body Code/Emotion Code and other energy therapies. An assessment may be conducted to determine the general health of my and/or my child’s subtle energy system and this information will be shared with me.

I understand that these sessions with Wendy Vigdor-Hess are for the purpose of balancing and clearing my and/or my child’s body’s subtle energy system to support my body’s natural healing ability and are not intended to replace appropriate medical treatment or mental health counseling. I understand that these sessions do not constitute a physician/patient relationship and that Wendy Vigdor-Hess does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Information given is not intended to replace medical advice. If I have questions or concerns about my and/or my child’s health, I will consult our physician. I take full responsibility for my own and my child’s health and well-being.

I have stated all of my and/or my child’s known conditions and will keep the practitioner updated on my and/or my child’s health in future sessions, especially regarding, but not limited to, pregnancy, serious injury, illness or psychological conditions.  No guarantees or claims as to the results of treatment are expressed or implied by Wendy Vigdor-Hess. I understand that no negative side effects have been documented from energy therapies, but this does not mean that I and/or my child will not experience negative side effects.

The goal of my and/or my child’s treatment will be identified as part of the treatment process and I will have input into goal setting. I agree to raise questions about anything I do not understand. I understand that I am always in control in these sessions and may stop a session at any time. All issues related to my and/or my child’s session will be kept in confidence.

Agreement of Financial Responsibility:

I understand that full payment is due at the time of treatment unless prior arrangements have been made and no refunds are available after a session is completed. I understand that when I need to cancel or reschedule a session I must do this at least 24 hours before my scheduled appointment. Missed appointments will be charged at the regular rate with allowances for emergency situations. I also understand that I will be responsible for paying a $30 fee if my payment is returned for insufficient funds. I will have reviewed additional policy documents upon my commitment to work with Wendy Vigdor-Hess.