Could holiday treats be making things worse?

Could holiday treats be making things worse?

As a parent of a child with food sensitivities that impact her health and mood, I don’t love being offered multiple “treats” everywhere we go this holiday season.

But saying no at every turn doesn’t feel good and makes me feel like a Grinch.

This is a challenge for the parents I work with too.

Most of them are also highly sensitive (and unique!), just like their kids, so too much of a good thing doesn’t serve them either.

So here’s a quick solution.

Go grab a copy of my cookbook Sweetness Without Sugar: A Resource Guide for Delicious Dairy-, Egg-, and Gluten-Free Treats Made with Healthy Sweeteners.

It’s a great way to…

  • Say yes to sugar in a healthy way that doesn’t wreck havoc on you and your child’s temperament (that means you get along better!)…
  • Create new traditions: Baking yummy treats AND having fun (and it gets you off your devices and out of the hubbub of holiday over stimulation)…
  • Connect with others knowing that you are not the only family out there who wants to eat without dye, chemicals and other unknowns.

All the recipes in this cookbook use ingredients that support our planet and the growers and companies that care about living clean for the planet and our families.

Join other parents and kids who have enjoyed these recipes for years and send me a photo of what you made, okay?

To see what other parents like you have to say, read these here.

To purchase your copy for your family or as a gift, click here. 

Love and Blessings,


If you think the foods your child and family is eating could be impacting your family dynamics, let’s chat. I have a few spots left as we end 2019.   Schedule a free consultation to see if we are a good fit.

Do you want to bring me in to speak with some friends in the privacy of your own home or at your child’s school?

I have two signature talks that might be a great fit:

“Parenting Struggling (but Gifted!) Children: 4 Ways to Bring Peace in the Home When You Have Tried Everything.” It’s for Holistic Minded, Engaged Parents, like you!

“Reducing Your Child’s Screen Use in the Digital Age: How to Create Connection and Avoid Screen Addiction.” A Workshop/Playshop for Parents and their Children.





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