EarthWeek C’ville Eco Fair

EarthWeek C’ville Eco Fair

During this time of a fast paced life with obesity diabetes and cancer on the rise, the importance of keeping a positive outlook to life and our food choices is more important than ever. 

This past Sunday, I was excited to speak during Charlottesville Earth Week at the Eco-Fair and to share some simple tips and ideas to consider to stay positive in mind, body and spirit to grow healthy from the inside and share that with our communities.  As an author, speaker, intuitive dietitian and coach, I love sharing an empowered and positive approach to healing ourselves and our planet.

Thank you to Heather Phillips for asking me to speak and for all of the efforts made by the many vendors, contributors and organizers of this wonderful event.  For those of you that couldn’t be there in person, here are some of the suggestions I made:

Tips for Greening Up and Cleaning Up from the inside out 

IMG_50941.    Think positive thoughts; when negative thoughts arise, see it and let it float by like a bird flying overhead.

2.    Support your local growers and consider growing your own.  Start small and with something you are interested in or eat a lot of that grows easily in your climate and give it a try. Check at Local Harvest for CSAs near you! 

3.    Eat your greens; in our home we say “greens make you grow and make you go”; doesn’t always “work” for the kids but continue to model it to help yourself and act as role models.

4.    Purchase from the perimeter of the grocery store in a significantly higher ratio than the interior of the store. Stay tuned for Wendy’s webinar with tips for shopping!! 

5.    Buy foods that you can pronounce.  They are closest to the earth that way.

6.    We make a difference as consumers by choosing products with our budgets and also with our hearts.  If you believe in eating “cleaner” and more “organic” the bar has been raised to include an education around who owns the organic brands you are purchasing.  For instance, Dagoba chocolate is owned by Hershey.  For more on this topic, see this post and the upcoming webinar from Wendy, Conscious Consumption. 

7.    Take a moment of quiet before eating and give thanks to yourself or as a family or with friend, roommate to express gratitude for your meal and your day.

8.    Eat slowly and chew your food well.  Feel it in your mouth….how often does that happen as we eat and drive or look at our phones while scarfing a sandwich?

9.    What are your thoughts about food?  Where are your “shoulds”  take those and create a different experience…for instance, I need chocolate after dinner, or I want chocolate after dinner, I choose chocolate after dinner. Own it, no “shoulds or “should nots”

10.  Check out the Environmental Working Group Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

11.  Check out Skin Deep and what is in the products you are purchasing and putting on your skin.

12.  Teaching our children where our food comes from and how to grow food is beneficial.  Being clear about who we are and who we aren’t from a positive perspective helps us seek out community and friends who help us “fill in the blanks” 

13.  Do what brings you joy and teach your children and people in your life to do the same.  Follow your wisdom within.  Most of us are taught from a young age to do what brings positive reinforcement even if it may not be what is in our own hearts.  Listen to that voice within and follow that.  We may not be the most popular but the deluge of information telling us what to do when we don’t want to do it creates ripples of the “should.”

IMG_5116This leads to more anxiety, depression, stress and other “dis-eases” not living in integrity and authentic lives.

I’m passionate about bringing the power back to you with choices made from the inside and with support.  Find the magic in what we deem as the Magic in the Mundane. 

What tips do you have or follow to help you and yours “Green Up and Clean Up?” Let us know in the comments below!

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