Easy Herbal and Essential Oil Gift Ideas

Easy Herbal and Essential Oil Gift Ideas

Giving gifts is fun all year round whether they are gifts of our time, helping others out, buying something small that reminds you of someone or bringing food to a family.  We have the capacity to give and receive in so many ways!  What are some of your favorite gifts to give?  Do you enjoy making gifts?

I have been in stores this time of year and hear many people huffing and puffing about the lines and about the gifts they “need to get” and as an empath, feeling their irritation and lack of “giving spirit.”  It’s easy to fall into that when overwhelmed.  For other suggestions on planning for busy times, check out my E-book on Surviving and Thriving During Busy Times.  Busy times hold the potential for slowing down, creating ceremony and ritual and making “magic out of the mundane.”

Having teachers as friends I have also learned that as much as they appreciate gifts from their “kids” and families, it is most helpful and meaningful to them to have gifts that they can use and enjoy (rather than a “dust collecting” object that was purchased for the sake of getting something to give).  The energy behind the giving is felt.

For this reason, the kids and I have started early with our planning so we can collect with ease what we need in supplies and budget for anything financially and also in time doing errands.  The last number of years the kids and I have made gifts and have had so much fun!  We have kept it simple so they are kid-friendly and easy to follow.  Here are some of the items we have made along with recipes in addition to some small, yet meaningful, gifts to purchase.

Here are all simple to make, handmade DIY ideas:

All of these are made with Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

Personalized rollers

LoveHealsRollerBottleSupplies needed:

  • Roller bottles in 10 mL or smaller size, to your preference and budget. These come in a lot of different and fun colors so you can choose favorite colors for people too!
  • Fractionated coconut oil with a pump to make it easier to use.
  • Glitter Washi Tape or Sharpie.  I’ve used a Sharpie and an older version of this labelmaker that has lasted for years!


Add essential oil combination and top it off with the fractionated coconut oil.  Seal it well, label and give to your heart’s content!

Skin So Smooth

11 drops Lavender essential oil

11 drops Frankincense essential oil

Thieves it Up! 

22 drops Thieves™ essential oil

Peaceful Year Ahead

22 drops Peace & Calming™ essential oil

Herbal Honey (Note: this needs to sit for 4-6 weeks to “ripen.”)

Supplies needed: Honey for the Holidays

  • Ball jars – found at Thrift stores or in larger quantities at a variety of stores (to save in cost if making for more people). These can be repurposed for all sorts of things after the bath salts are used (e.g. drinking, canning, tea storage, flowers, storage of things, etc…).
  • Raw and local honey (choose from your local farmers! )
  • Rose petals – we got ours from Mountain Rose and then later from The Elderberry
  • Garlic clove (we made rose and garlic honey but that is not for everyone!).  If you eat honey, having a garlic honey in the winter adds a boost to your immune system (and for kids too who like honey but may not love garlic).
  • Ginger (optional)
  • Combine a handful of petals and 2 peeled garlic cloves (if using) into the jar and top them with honey.  You can also cut up and slice ginger pieces to make a ginger honey! Use a chopstick to push the rose petals down to submerge in the honey. Cover with a lid to seal it well.  Let sit for at least 2 weeks but a bit longer for a fuller flavor.

Personalized bath saltsHomemadeBathSalts

How to Make:

Add Epsom to the bottom part of the jar, then add essential oils.  Top the jar off with additional

Supplies needed: 

  • Ball jars
  • Epsom salt
  • Himalayan sea salt (optional but it adds some flakes of color and is nice for a bath)
  • Gift bags and tissue paper if you wish or a piece of bow or yarn to tie around the top.
  • Sharpie marker to label the lid (optional) or a round plain label to decorate.


Valor™ – Sit Back and Relax!

Frankincence & Lavender

Peace & Calming™

Room sprays

Supplies needed:

  • Glass spray bottles in small to medium size, depending upon quantity you need and budget.
  • Witch hazel (optional)
  • Gift bags and tissue paper if you wish or you can tie a bow or piece of yarn around the neck of the spray bottle with a little card attached.
  • Decorative Washi tape or a labelmaker label


How To Make:

Each bottle contains essential oil and is then topped with filtered, pure water and a capful of witch hazel (if using). The amount of drops is variable to the size bottle you choose and the strength you desire.  I muscle test and create personalized blends for people which I also offer if people wish to purchase a personalized roller, spray or salt.

Joy of the Season

7  drops Christmas Spirit™ essential oil


7 drops Gratitude™ essential oil


7 drops Joy™ essential oil

Check out the blog for more posts about some of these blends and other oils to use.  Here is a post about Essential Oils for Grounding which is nice for the holidays.

Purchased and appreciated gifts:

Gift certificates to our teacher’s favorite restaurants (or coffee cards)

Gift certificate for Michael’s or Target for fun and to help offset the cost of school supplies

Pooling resources to purchase a bigger gift that a teacher or someone wanted.  This past year a number of families contributed to purchase a pair of boots that the person had wanted for over a year! It brought tears to my eyes to both contribute and to hear her reaction after receiving the love AND the item she had envisioned on her feet!!  This was a favorite!!

Young Living® Lip Balms

  • Choose from Grapefruit (a personal family favorite), Lavender and CinnaMint

These have been fun to make with the kids and to give to people we love and appreciate!  What are your favorite gifts to give? What has been your favorite gift to receive? Tell us in the comments!


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