Embracing YOUR Sweetness

Embracing YOUR Sweetness

I hope you enjoyed my guest blog post written for KathEats just before Thanksgiving.  It was fun to write it and share more about the subject of sweetness while also providing some suggestions for enjoying the season with your blood sugar balanced and a sense of calm and curiosity.

I love connecting with people.  It is a passion for me to listen and learn about people and “whbookcoverat makes them tick.”  My book, Sweetness Without Sugar, was written as a personal journey, not knowing it was going to be a book at the time!  Though there is focus on food, recipes, substitutions and alternatives, the underlying premise of the book is highlighted in the earlier chapters….Finding your Sweetness and Embracing your Reasons for the Reach.  As human beings, we all have sweetness inside!!  Finding our unique sweetness is an unfolding, an uncovering, a discovery, a Waking Up to what is speaking within you.

It’s not really about the food.  That being a big statement, I look forward to sharing more in the years ahead and offering an opportunity to connect to ourselves and with others in meaningful ways.


You may enjoy my Food for Thought MP3

May you and yours have a blessed season and remember to share love to people who are lonely, without family, grieving, stressed, suffering and in the human soup as we all experience.  Shine your light and when it is dim, remember the sun will come out again!



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