Energy Immune Boost Sessions

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Energy Immune Boost Sessions

This is very popular for the families I work with.  One client even called it having a “Healer on Retainer.” It is perfect and affordable for our fast paced days of multitasking as parents! It has been so useful and appreciated that I even included a few in my Program to pass the benefit forward.

These sessions include help in a jiffy if you feel like you are getting sick or your children are.  I provide insight and healing quickly and clear emotions and other aspects suppressing your system, from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual avenues.  I provide insight on patterns and give energetic support when you need it, as you need it, leaving you empowered with information to follow your own wisdom within.

For Your Child/ren:

  • Your child is coming down with something, you don’t know what it is and you want to support the child’s immune system
  • An eruption of behavior from your child that has you stumped…
  • Something happened at school or with your child’s friends that has him/her shut down and not communicating with you…
  • A pattern between your child and someone else that is perplexing you and you sense it may be related to a hidden health or growing pain challenge…

For You:

This is a great way for a parent who is parenting a challenging child to get a boost too! We can all use that! Here are some common situations a parent may find themselves in for which an immune boost might be a welcome and soothing balm:

  • You are feeling worn down from the challenges of parenting a unique, gifted and sometimes challenging child….
  • You need to be on your A-game ALL. THE. TIME and need whatever you can to feel your best and be your best….
  • Your work life is demanding and your personal life isn’t easy and you feel like you don’t have time for illness…
  • You recognize some patterns and habits of thought that feel familiar and even ancestral in nature and feel committed to shifting within yourself so as not to role model them to your own children
  • You feel stuck personally, not just with the challenges of parenting and having less time for you but even with “protocols and programs” that have worked for you in the past and now have less oomph for you. Examples can include a supplement protocol or diet plan or routine for the day.

In addition to the more specific reasons proposed above, here are some additional ways that other parents have contacted me for insight:

  • Support around a particular protocol you are following to gain added testing in determining your body’s connection with what options are available to you. For example, your child was diagnosed with Lyme and you are reading through the many different protocols suggested and would like help.
  • People have texted me from the grocery asking about certain remedies or suggestions.  For example, a particular supplement was recommended and you don’t know which brand to purchase or they have a blend and you want to know if that is still beneficial for you or your child.
  • Helping to shift energy in a home or environment, which has also included switching a room around or adding certain colors and more to bring more calm and focus to the sensitive child.

All Sessions Include:

Personalized recommendations for supplements, food, herbs, essential oils, homeopathic and other remedies and practices to help boost you towards greater health.

Checking in with you until your immune system improves over the course of a healing episode and includes Reiki sent.

A summary sent to you via email of what was cleared and recommendations for you.

This session does not replace medical advice. It is a tool to support you and your loved ones.

Looking for quick insight on direction to go? With this as a text option, you can still be “on the go” and get answers quick too! These boosts are a perfect combination for every busy parent. Having the option for a text session you can ask questions, get answers quickly, and go forth!

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