Essential Oils for Grounding

Essential Oils for Grounding

IMG_2223It has been very windy where I live lately.  Lots of high winds and movement.  A friend recently said “I feel the winds of change happening!!” Depending upon your state of mind in each moment, wind can feel off-putting or bring a sense of “losing your balance” or “feeling too exposed.”

What is your relationship to grounding or, the opposite, scattered or ungrounded?  We all can feel all of these things at any time.  If present to the moment to moment experience, we can recognize in moments where we don’t feel peace, we can surrender to that and trust it is fleeting.  However, we also might want support!

Essential oils don’t shift our thoughts yet CAN help support us as a way of self-nourishment and self-love.  The sense of smell evokes something.  The act of rubbing something on that smells good also feels good!  When I offer sessions, there are oils I tend to use for my own grounding.  Here are a few and some “recipes” to try for yourself!

Frankincense has an earthy aroma.  It is an ancient oil that supports feeling grounded and connected to something bigger than us.  I can feel a sense of “re-connect” when I put this on or diffuse it nearby.  I have this with me in my purse, car and bedside.  This is a “go to” with a little going a long way!

Grounding™ is a Young Living blend true to it’s name.  It supports a “slowing down” and connecting with ease and a trust that all is well. Dabbing this on my feet or wrists is simple and has a lot all in one bottle.

Vetiver also has an earthy smell.  It is thick like resin and has a deeply grounding aroma.  Adding this on my wrists or even a dab under my nose is appreciated for calming my “monkey mind” and settling my system.  See below for a recipe to make too! 

Sacred Sandalwood™ is woodsy smelling and feels like you are next to the trees.  A little goes a long way with this one too with a subtle, yet distinctive smell.  My husband likes this scent as well and I wouldn’t describe him as “an oily guy.”  This is a nice oil to support meditation as well.  

Stress Away™ has a citrusy yet sweet aroma.  It contains lime and vanilla so many people “think beach” with this one; a calming thought all on it’s own.  It is mixed with a carrier oil so it can be put on directly or diffused.  If you are a “sweet kind of grounding” person, this may be just the blend for you.  

Peace and Calming™ is another blend.  It supports relaxation and quiet.  This happens to be our son’s favorite and we often use it at bedtime.  Adding a dab to your wrists amidst a busy and scheduled day helps support just what it claims!  

Valor™ blends a number of oils into this delightful combination.  It has gone out of stock since there are many like me using this with love!  I enjoy this oil diffused or placed on my wrists or even under my nose to “keep on smelling!” I would be remiss if I didn’t add it since it is one of my favorites, however, with it being out of stock, there are many goodies to choose from as noted above.  

Here are some recipes to diffuse or to blend into a roller and wear:


10 drops lavender

10 drops vetiver

10 drops rose

I have called this “WendyLove” and use it often.  Rose is an expensive oil and I have saved to get it and have also benefitted from being part of a program Young Living offers that helps me do that! If you don’t have rose, the vetiver and lavender are lovely together and also blend nicely with cedarwood.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can purchase oils and also save, contact me or click here to read more.


3 drops Cedarwood

2-3 drops Lavender (depending on your taste)

Diffuse these two oils together for a calming, soothing, relaxing blend to help ground before any task ahead or even before sleep!


I’ve written other posts suggesting ideas for grounding or tips for empaths and sensitives.  Click here to read additional ideas.

Post below to let us know what is helpful for you when feeling scattered, “ill at ease”, distracted or ungrounded? Do you use Young Living® oils?  What are your favorite combinations to use?


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