Fall Cleansing

Fall Cleansing


Here is a blog post that I wrote for Motherhouse of the Goddess:

There are many ways to cleanse including supplements, exercise/sweat, eating whole foods, embracing positive attitudes, and receiving bodywork. Meeting yourself where you are and being honest about it is a good first step. This can alleviate a lot of undue stress, self-criticism and judgment.

When ready to implement changes, experimenting with some of the following suggestions might help tweak your process along the way and help you feel lighter and clearer:

  1. Eat 1 raw meal per day or every other day. Going into the cooler months our bodies tend to crave warm and warming foods.
  2. Drink a green or fruit smoothie every day. Include Superfoods such as hemp protein, green powder, raw cacao, coconut, and/or Goji berries.
  3. Drink more water (drink about ½ of your weight in ounces per day). For example, a goal for a person weighing 140 pounds would be about 70 ounces. Buy or make labels that say “Love”, “Gratitude”, “Health” to put on your water glasses or bottles. Add a lemon or lime.
  4. Transition from coffee in steps to decaf coffee, herbal teas, and/or Yerba Mate (with some exceptions). If you eat meat, having beef or chicken bone broth as a warm beverage to sip that is also healing and nutrient dense.
  5. Eat organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Check out the Environmental Working Group list of the Dirty Dozen™ and Clean Fifteen™.
  6. Drink hot water with lemon upon rising to rehydrate after sleeping and nourish your liver.
  7. Soak your grains, nuts and seeds overnight to improve assimilation and enzyme production.
  8. Replace wheat with other nutrient dense grains and breads such as quinoa, brown rice, and millet.
  9. Incorporate some basic food combining principles to improve your digestion. (Eat fruit by itself; eat starch/carbohydrates with green vegetables and protein with green vegetables; limit or avoid eating starch with protein).
  10. Eat foods lower on the food chain when feeling heavy (emotionally and/or weight wise). This translates to less dairy, meat and poultry.
  11. Use alternative sweeteners to replace sugar in your favorite recipes.
  12. Spend time in nature regularly.
  13. Exercise 5-7 times per week (beginning with 1 day and working up is a great step).
  14. Improve digestion and limit television and computer time at night. Do not eat within 3 hours of going to sleep.
  15. Consider a cleanse of your emotional “baggage” and work with the moon cycles to release the old and bring in the new. I incorporate this into my intuitive sessions and clear out trapped emotions and patterns with increased readiness from people.

As the leaves turn color and fall from the trees an invitation opens for us to let go of aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us.  In its essence, Fall marks a wonderful time to cleanse. Using the physical suggestions above can create changes in weight and also in emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

To bring forth health and vitality, I have seen repeatedly, both in my own life and in the lives of others whom I have supported, that what we eat can dramatically shift how we physically feel, our perceptions, our ability to process, our emotions and moods. We can make quicker changes in our lives if we change our diets. If you would like to go beyond what I mention above, please contact me for more specific elimination diets, customized detoxification programs, and/or energetic work to release trapped patterns for you, based on your individual needs.

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