Individual and Family Wellness Coaching

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Wendy’s individual and family wellness coaching packages focus on empowering you with everyday tools to reduce overwhelm, stress and anxiety to help you feel more connected and joyful amongst a busy schedule.


Intuitive Theme Tune-Ins for You and Your Family

What this OFFERING includes:

  • A distance intuitive tune-in for you and/or loved ones with the intention of identifying a personal theme for the coming year.
  • A summary written onto a keepsake card with main points gleaned.  This hand-made card can be laminated into a bookmark, used to place on an altar or put somewhere meaningful as a loving reminder.
  • A Reiki and energy infused roller bottle containing an essential oil blend or combination that highlights something needed or that is a companion with your theme.  This will be sent via mail for you to use.

Choose this personalized and “made with love” offer as a gift to yourself or for others this holiday season.

To reserve this time, please contact Wendy at 434.996.6768 or via email at with the words PERSONAL THEME SPECIAL.

Adults: $99
Kids: $55 (ages 22 and under)
Family special (includes 4 people) $255

Available for the holiday season and into the new year 2018
A No Shopping, Cozy, Loving Gift from my Heart to Yours

Use this for:
Gifts – birthday, holidays, wedding, promotions, graduation, special occasions
For personal or work – Give it to a co-worker you appreciate or as a thank you!

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energyBoostMini Quick Energy Boost

One of my most popular options!! Perfect for our fast paced days of multitasking. Feel off? Maybe getting sick? Your child needs something? Looking for quick insight on direction to go? I provide insight quickly and clear emotions and other aspects suppressing your system, provide insight on patterns and give energetic support when you need it, as you need it leaving you empowered with information to follow your own wisdom within. With this as a text option, you can still be “on the go” and get answers quick too!

  • Individual quick and mini sessions (15 minute minimum)
  • Personalized recommendations for supplements, food, herbal and other remedies
  • Available as text sessions; ask questions, get answers, go forth!
  • Choose from an individual session option OR a monthly “Healer on Retainer” option!
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Get more sleepLess Stress, More Sleep Package

Our to do lists and cramped schedules help us succeed in day to day life, but they often lead to worry and obsession when we are trying to rest and get much needed sleep! This healing package aims to guide you in learning to manage life’s duties constructively so you can get to sleep easily and rest soundly and peacefully.

  • 4 sessions with regular energetic support with a Reiki Master Teacher and Energetic Intuitive
  • E-book Busy People and Ways to Regulate Your Nervous System and Tips for Time Management ($9.95 value)
  • 15 mL bottle Young Living Lavender essential oil ($30.92 value or supportive oil of equal value)
  • Personalized supplement and food recommendations
  • Customized essential oil roller ($15 value)
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magicA Month of Magic

Often times as busy moms, professionals and families, we overlook the blessings and magic in the mundane of our daily lives. We may get sick more, feel lost, frustrated and like we will forever be stuck in the “rat race.” This package helps people struggling with managing their daily routine and feeling like they can’t balance it all of work, home, kids, and the piling up of responsibilities. Your healing package here includes:

  • 4 1-hour phone sessions with regular energetic support from a Reiki Master Teacher and Energetic Intuitive
  • 1 Immune Boost session for self or family member ($77 value)
  • E-book Top 11 Ideas for Bringing More Magic to Your EveryDay Life ($6.95 value)
  • Customized essential oil and magic infused roller ($15 value)
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ActivePain and Inflammation Relief Package

Do you have an old injury that just “won’t quit?” Do you notice you frequently get headaches or body aches and don’t know why? Have you been trying to lose weight or have been told you have a high C-reactive protein marker or have inflammatory conditions that “run in the family” such as autoimmune conditions, skin issues, heart disease, cancer or the discomforts from treatment, diabetes side effects or more? If so, this healing package is a great fit to help you lessen and ease your pain and inflammation so you can participate in your life more fully!

  • 4 sessions with regular energetic support from a Reiki Master Teacher and Energetic Intuitive
  • E-book 11 Anti-inflammation food ideas without sugar, gluten or dairy and other ways to add fire into your life minus the inflammation ($9.95 value)
  • Personalized supplement and food recommendations
  • Customized essential oil roller ($15 value)
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changeIsGoodChange is Good Package

Are you feeling STUCK and UNMOTIVATED? Or perhaps you have had a vision for a while and keep procrastinating or life is too busy to get “back to it?” Maybe you feel frozen in indecision about your next steps and just feel afraid. You may even know you want a direction to go that is different but you are not clear on which path to take or how to get to a path. This healing package helps you create OR re-create a strong connection with yourself and your needs and desires. Bringing balance, transformation, more ease and fun to you! It includes:

  • 6 1-hour phone sessions (over 5 weeks) with regular energetic support from a Reiki Master Teacher and Energetic Intuitive
  • 1 Immune Boost session for self or family member
  • E-book 11 ways to “Let Go and Let Goodness Happen”
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CupcakesFreedom from Sugar Package

Being a sugar lover myself, this package offers support for all things sweet! Do you addictively crave sugar or feel guilty having a treat when you “should be better?” Do you eat sugar to cover up your feelings or to cope with stress? Maybe you have sugar when you are overwhelmed? This package is for you whether you have diabetes, are a “closet sugar lover,” want to change your pattern of being critical of yourself or wish to find a way to live in balance with your love of sugar without being restrictive or giving it up completely. Balance your blood sugar with a love of self! Receive lots of sweet goodness in this healing package:

  • 4 session with regular energetic support from a Reiki Master Teacher and Energetic Intuitive
  • E-Course: Transforming Your Relationship with Food: Sugar Series ($117 value)
  • Sweetness Without Sugar paperback book ($25.95 value)
  • Customized and infused essential oil roller ($15 value)
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Self care for mothers to be.Mama Self-Care Package

Mamas work so hard. Whether you stay-at-home, work part-time, are a blogger, business owner, work full-time, it is SO common that moms put themselves on the list LAST (if at all). Consider this commitment the cup of tea to yourself, the soothing salve for your own soul, the quiet night just to yourself, the luxurious bath or the massage. Fill your own cup with this package so you can give from your whole, vital and peace-filled self. This healing package includes:

  • 4 sessions with regular energetic support from a Reiki Master Teacher and Energetic Intuitive
  • E-book Top 11 Simple and Easy Tips for Finding Balance Amidst a Busy Life ($9.95 value)
  • Safe personalized supplement and food recommendation for the mama at any stage of parenting (pregnant, breast-feeding, post-partum)
  • Customized essential oil roller or tea blend (safety a top priority) ($15 value); Choice of customized bath salts also available
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RelaxAdrenals, Anxiety and Exhaustion Package

In these busy times we have devices and systems at our fingertips to help us efficiently complete tasks and meet our deadlines and goals. We also are more distracted by the multitude of details more than ever in our culture with a never ending to-do list. This healing package helps you address taxed adrenals, extreme fatigue in trying to keep up and an emotional feeling of hopelessness or overwhelm. A tension tamer for the feeling “too busy yet not enough” in you.

  • 4 1-hour sessions with regular energetic support from a Reiki Master Teacher and Energetic Intuitive
  • Personalized supplement and food recommendations
  • Customized essential oil roller ($15 value)
  • E-book 5 Top Food Picks for a Natural Energy Boost ($4.95 value)
  • E-book Top 11 Tips for Healthy Adrenals and Anxiety Relief ($9.95 value)
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immunesupportLyme Disease, Mold and Immune Support

The numbers are rising for people diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease, other tick borne illness, immune dysregulation and symptoms attributed later to mold. Having healed from these conditions myself, I include this healing package to keep things POSITIVE, to support the current symptoms while guiding you towards your next steps AND embracing the gifts in the chronic or acute phases of these persistent conditions. Remembering well each stage of my healing journey, I look forward to supporting you with yours.

  • 4 1-hour sessions with regular energetic support from a Reiki Master Teacher and Energetic Intuitive
  • Personalized supplement and food recommendations
  • Customized essential oil roller ($15 value)
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Family-with-LettuceEmpowered and Connected Family Package

Interested in a package for your whole family? Let’s discuss your needs and customize a package for you! This package includes all of the goodies of the above options with customized recommedations, intuitive and energetic support and more.

  • Customized essential oil rollers for all members ($15 each for each family member)
  • Choice of E-book that best serves your family’s needs. ($4.95 – $9.95 value)
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What is Emotion Coding? Read more and review the FAQ

(Available In person, Phone or Email)

For your initial session, we will begin with an evaluation.  This will include nutritional and other needs and intentions for your health.  We will develop a plan to support you in reaching your goals.  This session will identify factors draining your energy, contributing to persistent symptoms and imbalances.  Specific food, supplements, tests, and other suggestions to help optimize your health will be addressed as indicated.  We will determine the presence of a heart-wall during this initial time and will also begin releasing trapped emotions.  In addition, we will outline a plan for moving forward a lighter “emotional load” and a revealing of the innate health within.

(Available In person, Phone or Email)

We will continue to address goals established during our initial session and release trapped emotions, imbalances and address deficiencies and other variables identified.  If a heart-wall is present, we can prepare you for it to be cleared. Releasing old trapped emotions, combined with meeting nutritional needs, support for changing habits and tangible suggestions for simplifying your life will result in more freedom and ease for you to live your heart-felt life!

(Email or Text)

This session includes help in a jiffy if you feel like you are getting sick or you have kids who do.  It also can include additional support with a protocol you are following to gain added testing in determining your body’s connection with what options are available to you.  Testing your immune system’s strength both from physical and emotional stress is included. Suggestions are made to improve and boost you towards optimum health.  I provide suggestions for foods, supplements, herbs, essential oils, homeopathic or other remedies and practices.  Trapped emotions and possible patterns contributing to a lowered immune system will be cleared.  People have texted me from the grocery asking about certain remedies or suggestions.  This also includes checking in with you until your immune system improves over the course of a healing episode.  This session does not replace medical advice. It is a tool to support you and your loved ones.

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(Email or Text)

heart(Pre-requisite of an initial and often at least one follow up session prior to clearing a heart-wall).

While studying pre and perinatal education, I was amazed to learn that the heart is the first organ that develops in utero.  In some research, the heart is referred to as a “second brain.”

Dr. Bradley Nelson, the Founder of The Emotion Code says “Your heart is constantly sending out information to your body.  Every beat carries critical messages that affect your emotional and physical health.”

A heart wall consists of layers of trapped emotions around the heart. It is estimated by Dr. Nelson that 93% of the human population have a heart wall.   He says “It’s a way our subconscious mind creates “an energy wall” to protect your heart.” I have found that the heart-wall hampers your ability to give and receive love and to feel good emotions.  Having a heart-wall contributes to feelings of isolation, and can create depression as well as other problems.

In our initial session, I will check to see if there is a heart wall.  This wall has served an important purpose for us at the time it developed.  Though a high percentage of people have one, it is in your own timing that you will be ready to remove it.  I invite you to experience letting go of trapped emotions so that you can live more from your heart and remain open to true love.  Removing a heart wall often takes 3-5 sessions, via email and distance/proxy.  This package includes the removal of your heart wall, no matter how many sessions.

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