Finding Real Connection in the Digital Age

Finding Real Connection in the Digital Age

Connection to technology is normalized in such a way that both parents and children see being on a device as regular, daily life.

In addition, struggling, sensitive and gifted kids often get “plugged in” to help calm down, for a parental break and because they often enjoy the stimulation of learning and the challenges offered.

Yet….parents also talk about “the good old days of riding bikes and being told by their parents to just come back in time for dinner.”  They share their frustration and sadness that their child won’t get off their device.

However, the majority of children get their devices from their parents.  The parents feel “obligated” to buy them since they want their kids to “be in the know,” and “to stay current.”

You are not alone if you are a parent who is also in the cycle.

Kids now ask for different things. Where it used to be “Tinker Toys,” “Care Bears,” “Betty Crocker Ovens,” and “GI Joe (with the Kung Fu grip of course)”, now it is a Wii, an iPod, iPad or Smartphone.

The pattern is the same.  Parents want what is best for their kids.  They want them to belong and be included.  They want them to fit in.  They want to give what they maybe didn’t have and more.

It takes a different understanding and information, commitment, focus and a plan to do things differently.

You, too, can go “against the grain” yet still be in “the game.”

I help parents navigate another way and integrate it into their lives and the lives of their children.

Parents haven’t forgotten “the simpler days,” just some tweaks on how to “get back to them” amidst the current craze.

Connection to each other, to nature, to energy and oneself is always attainable.

Parents and kids alike all crave this!  We can do it together!

Would you like to focus exclusively on changing the connection points and the relationship with technology in your home? I have a special, short-term, high-focused coaching program to help you with this. Reach out and let’s see if this is a fit for you.  

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