Finding the Fun in the Serious-ness of Parenting

Finding the Fun in the Serious-ness of Parenting

The topic of fun and family tend to go together with childrens’ natural inclination towards enthusiasm, energy, engagement in life and well…

However, when challenged by your role as a parent or feeling exhausted, worn out, tired, and like your role is to provide everything, “make them happy,” and sacrifice your own needs for theirs, that is…..not so fun.

As parents we help balance the variety of tasks and needs and the “serious things of life” and can often lose sight of the FUN!

We forget to laugh.

What used to be cute and funny becomes irritating, annoying and “more fodder for the reasons you claim you are stressed and exhausted.”

When working with parents (and in my own family), I encourage returning to the basics.

The Why. Your Family Values.

How can the spiritual, bigger picture come into play in the day to day? We can put the FUN back into “the regularly scheduled program.”

What is really important to you, as their parents, and to them? Perhaps as a busy parent you have lost sight of that (or don’t have time to really ground into choices such as these).

It’s ok!! This is common with life moving so fast and the to do list growing longer by the minute!

Take the recent Youth Climate Strike, for example. Global warming, environmental shifts are on “the list” of serious issues needing our attention.

I took our kids and accompanied their classmates to our local Youth Climate Strike event, and wouldn’t you know it, it was the perfect blend of tending to the serious issues while having lots of fun and spiritual upliftment too.

I was touched and though a serious issue, the light-hearted fun and community was still potently felt and was so encouraging.

Shining their own light, these kids took the serious and brought the spiritual and heart right to it.

Can’t this be a “rule” for our own families?

Are there “problems” or things you wish were different? Yep!

As parents, the importance of staying hopeful, shining light on the solutions, giving space when needed and staying in the present moment help the supports the clarity you desire.

Whether your family problems are health related, behavior or too much homework or the feeling of no time, we come back to believing in the resilience of these children!

At the Youth Climate event, the children held signs and spoke up and stood in courage in front of a crowd and brought love and passion to their beliefs and desires.

And yet, they also greeted and hugged each other, they shared in it together, had laughs amidst the serious topics at hand, played drums and spoke about what they could do and what they could encourage their parents to do as well.

We celebrated the step of showing up, no small feat.

It was hot. We got ice cream before leaving. (A little fun with food too!)

Attending this event was a great reminder of making sure that as parents, we don’t get stuck in rushing and focusing on the growing lists and the “management” of the home. Or we risk missing the joy that is right here right now.

It doesn’t need to be this way! We are meant to enjoy and find the blend of fun amidst this life as parents thing.

Would you like to focus exclusively on changing the connection points and how you parent in your home? Be it a serious issue with device addiction, a health concern, or behavior worry that’s scaring you, I may be able to help. Reach out and let’s see if this if working together is a fit for you now.

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