Going In As the New Out

Going In As the New Out

Going deep is a part of my work with sensitive parents. The times we are living in demand we look deeply and free ourselves from what we keep hidden. To be willing to be vulnerable to share the ugly, the pain, the injustice, the passion, the protest and to receive more of the tendrils of connection, love, and unity. To truly embrace seeing ourselves through and with another yet standing in the truth of who we all are as beings of this universe.

I’ve purposely put myself into difficult and awkward conversations with people to grow. It’s what I love about my work with sensitive parents in that place of engagement that goes below the surface. The raw, real, and vulnerable places that we are bound to run into as parents.

Recent conversations have led me to uncover more shame, insecurity, fear and also a deeper understanding. Though extroverted and open in hearing others, I tend to be much more private about sharing my own internal experience and stories. However, it’s in this unfolding where the magic happens. In engaging more with people aligned in sharing from the heart, it frees us to become the change makers we are.

What if WE reclaim that and make our sensitive natures A GIFT. The more mamas do this and discover what those “inner tools” are for themselves, the more they feel free and are more present to actually BE with their kids.

Yes, there will still be things to do for the family when you may just want to follow your own rhythm for a whole day, eat out of the fridge for dinner to reduce dishes or just eat popcorn for dinner. However, even when those moments aren’t happening exactly as you wish, you Feel settled, calm and content. You can even have fun with those wishes and share in them with your kids.

Take some moments now to get curious about what you need. Most moms I talk to begin with the unsettledness of how summer is going to go amidst a pandemic, how to navigate this unknown we are in. Plus this weekend we get lots of shifting with Solstice, a New Moon and an Eclipse. I get it!

We are in uncharted territory. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring much less school for the fall or if the numbers will rise with more businesses opening. However, we can take the moments to ask ourselves what we truly need:

  • Support
  • Hugs
  • Reassurance
  • To be told they you are awesome just the way you are
  • To be seen for a good job no matter what the day brings
  • To feel Appreciated

Our kids want these things too.The more we give them to ourselves, the more we can truly give to them and they FEEL it!

I know how hard it can be to even think about fitting anything else into your day especially when they feel “floaty” and without timed edges or like they go from one thing to another.  No one will create the time for you but you.

I created a short audio for you.  A way for you to grab a few moments to yourself and take a breath.  I was sitting outside, feet on the Earth, surrounded by butterflies on a bush beside me.  Hope you enjoy it and that it brings a few moments of ease to your ever-changing day.  Here is the link

If you missed my chat with Allaya Cooks-Campbell, the voice behind babydroppings.com, you can listen to it here.  We planned to talk about her “mommydom” and experiences raising four kids.  However, with the recent tragic events weighing heavily on both of us, we chose to openly discuss, as women and mothers in different skins, racism, our past experiences, showing up and more.

If you want support and help with accountability and creating these changes, I’m here.  https://vigdorhess.com/free-holistic-parent-discovery-session/

For another short read for end of school into summer, check out this previous post. https://vigdorhess.com/the-joy-and-the-dread-of-summer-with-struggling-kids/

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