Gratitude and This Too Shall Pass

Gratitude and This Too Shall Pass

When “in it” as a busy parent, especially with sensitive kids, it is easy to feel trapped, frustrated, like “this (fill in the blank challenging behavior) will never end!”

Maybe you have taken it a step further and started asking yourself disempowering questions like: “What’s wrong with me? “ “What am I doing wrong as a parent?” “What is wrong with my kid?”

As I was folding laundry recently, there was a fleeting moment of realization that the “mismatch sock thing” was over.   It brought me back to the other things that have come and gone in our kids’ lives so far: the silly bands, the rubber bracelet making, certain expressions, slime, and so much more.

Do you have one of those situations that has passed for you in your family life?

Maybe your child is sleeping through the night now?

Teething or growing pains have passed?

Anger outbursts have lessened?

“Boredom” has been replaced with more ease?

There are so many!


What has remained is a foundational curiosity. Some of the activities continue such as reading, hide and seek, dress up, creating things, drawing, watching movies and more.

When we look back we can see differently. We may laugh a little.

We may swell with enormous gratitude for what we all learned (and possibly for that persnickety stage to be behind us).

In sharing with parents, we talk and work with gratitude. How do these situations challenge and grow YOU as a person, a parent and human being.

Gratitude is not just once a year for Thanksgiving. We cultivate it moment by moment. With the “good,” the “bad,” and even the “tragic.”

Though we aren’t taught this as a culture, we can learn it in our own families and dare to raise people who can change the paradigm.

Going from one fad to the next is human nature yet so is gratitude. Which way we look and teach ourselves and our children to look is up to us.

If you are feeling discouraged, trapped, and/or frustrated….hang tight. This too shall pass. Remember to see all that has transformed already.

Remember to laugh at the silly things.

And, remember, you don’t have to figure out how to parent a challenging and gifted child alone.

Reach out and we can begin.




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