Heartwall Clearing Package

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Heartwall Clearing 

In our Family Health and Parent Coaching, I will check to see if there is a heart wall for each of you.  This wall has served an important purpose for us at the time it developed.  Though a high percentage of people have one, it is in your own timing that you will be ready to remove it.  We will review this more during our coaching and determine what feels best for your unique family.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, the Founder of The Emotion Code says “Your heart is constantly sending out information to your body.  Every beat carries critical messages that affect your emotional and physical health.”

A heart wall consists of layers of trapped emotions around the heart. It is estimated by Dr. Nelson that 93% of the human population have a heart wall.  He says “It’s a way our subconscious mind creates “an energy wall” to protect your heart.” I have found that the heart-wall hampers your ability to give and receive love and to feel good emotions.  Having a heart-wall contributes to feelings of isolation and can create depression, effect our ability to connect with others as well as other problems. By clearing it with love and compassion, it can support other shifts in your children and family.

In some research, the heart is referred to as the “second brain.” I invite you to experience letting go of trapped emotions so that you can live more from your heart and remain open to true love.  Removing a heart wall often takes 3-5 sessions (for adults, less for some children), via email and distance/proxy.  This package includes the removal of your heart wall, no matter how many sessions. Note: Pre-requisite of working with me in my Program; if not, an initial and often at least one follow up session is needed prior to clearing a heart wall.

Other parents have reported the following:

  • Less brain fog and clearer thinking
  • Reactions are minimized; able to stay more grounded to respond rather than react
  • Less burdened and “heavy feeling”
  • More focused
  • Increased energy and like a “weight lifted”