Herb and Essential Oil Classes

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These herb and oil offerings combine Wendy’s training in the Clinical Practice of Herbalism along with her passion for finding natural ways to support health, a healthy home and environment.  Whether it is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) class where we make something together or we gather to learn about plants or essential oils, Wendy brings her enthusiasm in support of empowering families to have tools at their fingertips.  We can replace toxic chemicals in our homes, help support our immune systems and overall health and make fun and useful sprays to enhance the environment and more!

Wendy loves co-sharing these gatherings with other friends and colleagues and seeing the joy in taking home a prepared salve, tincture, roller bottle, spray, bath salt or more.  Don’t worry if you don’t live near me!  You can find me in person or online sharing.  If you would like to invite Wendy to your home to share with you and your friends, please contact me!


Upcoming Events

Detoxing Your Home – What’s In Your Cupboards?

WHEN: October, coming soon!

Come join Wendy Vigdor-Hess and Jen Lucas and learn what is in many common household cleaning and personal care items that you may have even thought were “natural”, “safe” and “non-toxic”.  Jen and I have been on this journey of using natural products for many years and have recently been shocked to learn that even some of those seemingly “safe” products are items we want to detox from our home!  There is hope!  Come join us for this exciting learning together.

Winter Wellness for the Whole Family

WHEN: October 15, 2015
TIME: 8 – 9 pm

Come join Wendy Vigdor-Hess and Megan Buer for a positive perspective on the winter months and how you can take simple steps towards winter wellness with insightful ideas and chock full of easy suggestions for you to start using this season, through the winter months and beyond!

Unwinding Anxiety

WHEN: November 19, 2015
TIME: 8 – 9 pm

Come join Wendy Vigdor-Hess and Megan Buer for a calm and peaceful experience discussing the unwinding of anxiety.  This time of year is notorious for people sharing an increase in their level of anxiety.  We want to support you to see things differently and feel more ease during this year and moving forward!

Surviving Holidays with Health in Tact

WHEN: December 10, 2015
TIME: 8 – 9 pm

Come join Wendy Vigdor-Hess and Megan Buer for a fun-filled evening class sharing ways to survive and THRIVE during this holiday time!  Tips for planning simple solutions to common situations, festivities, health realities and more during these holiday months.  We look forward to celebrating a real holiday of ease, pleasure and the gift of staying with the wisdom within at any time.

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“Wendy is an amazing, nurturing, attentive practitioner.  She genuinely cares about and listens to her clients.”
Maegan Williams McCardle
“…Wendy is a very powerful, kind and thorough healer.  She is present, and she’s a deep listener… “
Los Angeles, CA

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