Loving Through Dissonance

Loving Through Dissonance

I often think of February as a month of the heart for many reasons.  Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most obvious but the month has been deemed “heart month” by a variety of organizations.  In addition, with winter darkness, a theme of more depression or blues, winter tugs at our heart strings to live from a more quiet and internal place.  The first organ developed in utero is our Heart.  It is as if we have the opportunity to “go back into the womb” to hear our hearts and envision new life as the spring unfolds.  We each listen and hear through our own thoughts.  Love is the underlying message of our thoughts. Love, in essence, is simple,  Our thoughts about it can create complex webs.

This winter has evoked strong and heart-felt reactions and passionate beliefs with people expressing their hearts in a variety of ways.  As an empath and intuitive, the energy has felt electric, chaotic, inflamed, polarized and dissonant.  Clients have expressed higher levels of anxiety, sleeplessness, despair, insomnia, depression, grief, fear, cold and flu among other things.  I thought it might be helpful to share some ideas for empaths, sensitives and passionate people with opinions to feel more ease during these times of unknown and dissonance.  With the exception of Young Living essential oils, I am not connected to any of the brands below; they have just been beneficial for me personally and for many people I have worked with:

  1.  Make time for you.  To get quiet.  You don’t have to DO anything to “get quiet” but to allow the busy mind and active schedule to breathe and take in the space around it.
  2. Sleep.  Even if you are having trouble sleeping, create a “sleep routine” to shift it a bit for you.  Remove technology from the bedroom or put things on “airplane mode.” Keep the room dark.  Take a hot shower, read or something relaxing before you sleep to help slow yourself down.
  3. Prayer and gratitude.  In whatever way this speaks to you.  This is not about a particular religion or way, just bringing in your way to express gratitude for the little things and ask for help from places within yourself and with others.
  4. Epsom salt or mineral salt baths.  How do you feel when you go into the ocean?  Aah…. Yes, having an immersion in the warmth and the salt can help calm the nervous system.  Adding therapeutic grade essential oils with relaxing qualities can be added for additional support. Some of my favorites include Peace & Calming, Frankincense and Valor.  If you are local to Charlottesville, you can visit Aqua Float for a relaxing experience.
  5. When stressed and anxious, adding additional magnesium can boost the calm.  There are different products available with  magnesium sprays and supplements.  Here is an example of a Calm Powder, found online or at your local natural foods store.
  6. Sea or Himalayan salt, a pinch in water can help when feeling “wired up” and yet with depleted adrenals.  If you are watching your sodium, you can check with your healthcare practitioner before implementing this suggestion.
  7. Connection and Community.  In these modern times we tend to connect while staring at our computers but when we step on the other side of the screen and truly connect with others or a pet, it helps to settle our system.
  8. Make boundaries.  As a sensitive, if you notice an energy drop or fatigue or draining when around certain places or people, make a boundary and create space.  You can still remain in connection as you choose, yet, realize a clear distinction between you and the “draining force.” Patterns of thoughts can feel familiar around certain situations and if you notice this is happening, notice your own thinking and be honest with yourself and it will help “tweak you toward an inherent balance.”
  9. Using EMF protection has helped my system go from “it feeling like noise” to an integrated feeling.” Getting outside, walking barefoot on the Earth (maybe not in winter months) are easy things to do to help shift our system.  There are many options available to help when we are at work, juggling kids and living amidst daily “to do lists.”  Here are some products I have used and suggest most often:
    1. An OtterBox Defender Series case on my phone as well as a SarShieldThe SarShield can be used on all devices as well as on Smart Meters if you have one.  
    2. Safespace also has good products to use and keep near WiFi units and around your home.  
    3. Another product I have found very helpful is orgone.  There are “hockey pucks” and pendants and more that bring more integration and less dissonance.  
  10. Carry something meaningful to you, in your pocket or purse; a stone, a crystal, a talisman, something your child gave you.  It can help remind you of the simple things in life.

IMG_0051These ideas are not meant to minimize what we all feel at different times or to “make peace” when it may not feel peaceful.  Instead, these are some suggestions to evoke a different way of experiencing what may feel troubling or scattered or scary to you and help you feel the underlying message of love.  My hope is they can point you toward the peace and balance that always lives inside of you. Dosing ourselves with compassion whether we have loving or any other thoughts can do wonders for bringing more neutrality to any situation, resulting in more calm within.

After reading this post, please let us know what you enjoy doing for self-care during any time of year!  We can all learn so much from each other!

I’m looking forward to continuing to serve you this coming year!  Thank you for the many gifts you bring to my life.

With love and gratitude,


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