Nourishing Nettle Rose and Mimosa Moon

Nourishing Nettle Rose and Mimosa Moon

“I love nettles and nettles loves me” is a quote that I took on from my 3 year herbal training with Sacred Plant Traditions.  There is a little jig that goes with it that if in public I may  nNettle Tulsi Roseot do it but I always do in my head :).  Nettles packs a plenty and delivers big time whether you need a pick me up or are a vegan or vegetarian or just craving some extra nutrients of yummy! Here is a list of simple ways to use nettles:

  1. Sun Tea (as shown in the picture) can be made outside in warmer months (or in an unusually warm winter in Virginia) or in a sunny window during the colder months! I combined a few handfuls of dried nettles from The Elderberry with dried rose and added a bag of Organic India’s Tulsi Rose tea (a personal favorite) for a little extra rose love. I used a French Press to strain the herbs after it sat out collecting the Sun for most of a day.  I don’t sweeten it but you can add a couple of drops of stevia.
  2. Make a nettles infusion.  If this is new to you and you want to learn more, check out this easy video of my “how to”.
  3. Add brewed or infused nettle to a smoothie
  4. Sprinkle some dried nettles along with sea salt to your popcorn.  Can also add nutritional yeast too! I add dulse flakes too sometimes to this combo.
  5. Can also add nettles to your pesto (for those of you reading this in the summer or who, in the winter, have a stash of frozen basil to use)!
  6. I have found that nettles is a common remedy that comes up in intuitive and energy sessions for people with skin irritation,  sensitivities and also with some cold and flu type symptoms. It can be beneficial in the homeopathic form of Urtica Urens or as a tincture or tea.

Another favorite is to have Mimosa on hand.  I love seeing the blooms and smelling it.  It’s “signature” of joy uplifts and lightens which can be helpful any time of year.  In the winter months of darker days and a higher incidence of cold and flu, depression and lower energy for many, it is a treasure to have it to harness some extra light!

We have a couple of mimosa trees and the kids and I pick the blossoms and put them in a jar with apple cider vinegar to let sit for 6 weeks.  You can also use alcohol to make a tincture.  During the season, it’s nice to have it freshly infused in your water or put the blossoms in a bowl of water to sweeten the Freshly Harvested Mimosasmells of your space.

Writing this close to Valentine’s, both rose and the pink infused blossoms of mimosa bring in a quality of giving to ourselves.  Loving. Our. Selves.  We are our own Valentine’s no maMimosatter how many others you count as beloveds.  Many blessings, much health and cheers to our drinking and taking in of these herbal elixirs.

What are special teas that your love to drink?  Do you have special rituals you like to incorporate into your day to imbue self-love into your sips?

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