Parenting Not Cancelled While Quarantined

Parenting Not Cancelled While Quarantined

While many activities, locations, meetings, sports and other kid things cancel, parenting does not.   

In fact, for many, it just got harder.  It is a lot to be a parent in addition to learning to support online classes, 24/7 at home time, unknowns about job security and other stressors.

So how can we, as parents (often to already sensitive kids), navigate this unprecedented time of unsettledness and unknowns with new learning and inspiration?

Together.  We are all in this together.

While families heed advice to stay quarantined, our connection remains and can even grow stronger.

To address many of the struggles you all have shared with me and, to bring us together, I am going back on Facebook to offer 5 minute video tips with short, positive and tangible messages to help and soothe during this time.

For instance….

  • Ideas for putting You on the list even amidst having less time to yourself and how important this is now, more than ever!
  • How to remain authentic with your own emotions while tending to your kids and their emotions
  • Keeping the “control tendency” at bay with compassion for yourself and your family
  • Embracing this time as a reset even with the up and down reports and the unknown nature of living amidst these times
  • and how ’bout a little relationship discussion as “spouse stuff” arises….

More to come!

Join us there to watch the videos, comment and ask your questions!

If you know other parents of sensitive kids, feel free to send them here and of course, if you want more 1:1 help, get in touch with a free discovery session. 

Love and New Moon Blessings,

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