Relating with More Ease

Relating with More Ease

Family-with-LettuceI’ve found myself having a variety of emotions relating to current events, coverage of the news, seeing reactions and riding with my own.  It occurs to me that as a coach, RDN and energy healer, “my work” is about relationships.  Whether it is discussing a relationship with food, with oneself, a partner, an illness, a child, or one’s perspective to any of these things, all point to a relating of some sort.  We, as humans, tend to put labels on our ability to relate or our relationships with a myriad of subjects.  It’s “good or bad,” “right or wrong,” “true or false.”  The quality of a relationship seems to change based on our rules and our thoughts.  We often label whether we believe we understand or through misunderstanding. Can we find ease in the “dis-ease?” Whether we are “ill at ease” with something in our life, in the world events or we have an illness or “dis-ease,” I help others find that despite the circumstances, a peace within remains.

When we drive in the heat, we can see a mirage and are sure that a water puddle lies ahead.  We can imagine what a cold drink will feel like on a hot summer day, or the chocolate or ice cream.  Our imagination and thoughts can create anything.  We follow these thoughts…..until we don’t.  We get to the “puddle” and realize it isn’t there.  We eat the cake or ice cream and sometimes it is delicious and sometimes we “make it bad” with all of our “shouldn’t haves” or “what if’s about gaining weight or having too much gluten or sugar.”

Over the years, I’ve spoken with so many people hurting about their relationship with something.  I have experienced this too!  We convince ourselves that these thoughts are true about ourselves and about others and it is a misunderstanding.  Have you ever had a friend tell you something wonderful about yourself and there is a little place inside that wants to believe them but you say (usually to yourself) “well if they really knew, or they don’t see the full picture, etc…”  I’ve done that numerous times only to be shown again and again, in a different moment, on a different (or same) day, the potential I was missing.  We see what we “expect to see.”  At any given moment, it is through our thoughts and perspective that we are seeing the “reality” before us.

My husband, Bill and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and 23 years of knowing each other.  I’m grateful for him every day even when the day-to-day of our full lives may leave little time for a slower connection.  What I’ve learned the most over the years is to practice self-love and to be witness to the reflection of the divine love available at any moment, even in the crappy ones!  Whether single or in a relationship, married, partnered, loving your pets, nature around you, there is a vast partnership to something larger than ourselves or others and yet it is also all that dwells within us.

heart and sunBill and I have been through many journeys together, ups and downs in our relationship, moves across the country and within states, 2 children, job changes and challenges, new business, financial shifts, growth individually and re-navigating our relationship and more.  We have been asked over the years how we make it work and what keeps us together.  We are super excited to share!  In honor of our 20th anniversary, we will be sharing a workshop on July 23.  To learn more and to register, click here.

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