Releasing the “too much device use” shame

Releasing the “too much device use” shame

I’ve had many parents thank me for my last blog post about technology. LINK HERE

Listen, there is no shame or judgment if you are “in it” with this technology thing.

Whether it has “been a thorn in your side for a while” or you are just waking up to realizing that maybe you let your kids watch too much.

Having clarity with the “why” we do it, helps.

  • Maybe you have a spirited kid, with a BIG personality and YOU need more breaks.
  • Maybe you feel insecure about how to connect to your own child and feel bad about that.
  • Maybe you don’t even know what it means to connect to your kid anymore (so easy to feel this way in this go-go-go world).
  • Maybe you are uncomfortable making a boundary and you feel mean or “uncool.”
  • Maybe you have a business and work from home…but it is summer and….the kids are home, and you have work to get done so it’s just easy to plug in.
  • Maybe you require more time to yourself and it minimizes interruptions to just “plug ‘em in”
  • Maybe you don’t even realize that your kids are sneaking more tech time or you think they are doing something else only to realize they had a device the whole time.
  • Maybe you have many more reasons to add here

So what do we do about it?

Rather than seeing the shadow, feeling bad and still feeling stuck, why not try something new!

Together on this journey of parenting struggling kids, it’s exactly this vulnerability that turns “mountains” of resistance, tantrums, mood swings and more, into more doable “mole hills.”

The first step would be to shift your focus on what makes you feel bad about where you are with technology in your kids life and clarify what you do want.

For example:

  • You want your kids to experience some of your favorite things from childhood like the long days outside.
  • You miss their younger days when they grinned ear to ear to see you and you want to reclaim some of that (in an age-appropriate way).
  • You long for more family time memories like doing fun activities TOGETHER.
  • You want to have an actual conversation with your kids, rather than a grunt with little or no eye contact…or….a text convo.
  • You want your child to know how to handle stress, anxiety and “down time” in a variety of ways.

Once you know what you want more of, that can lead to the right ideas for you.

Because, how much and how often of device use is totally up to you vs ONE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT.

Would you like to focus exclusively on changing the connection points and the relationship with technology in your home? I have a special, short-term, customized coaching program to help you with this. Reach out and let’s see if this is a fit for you.

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