I’m an author and family health and parenting mentor for holistic and engaged parents who are challenged by their struggling, yet gifted, children. I have been a professional speaker and coach since 2003.  

Wendy specializes in helping parents feel more ease in their lives with their struggling, yet gifted, children with her holistic, multi-branch approach.

Wendy has a unique understanding of the real-life challenges that effect parents of highly sensitive children. She blends her combined experience as a parent, intuitive, empath, and wife, + registered dietitian nutritionist, healer and certified coach and educator with over 5 years working with families (and even more with wellness clients).

Through speaking engagements, workshops and coaching programs, Wendy can help parents gain an uplifting new perspective on life that allows for real breakthrough with your family.

“When seeing the struggling and challenging child as gifted and needed in this changing world to help shift us in positive and needed directions, the heart softens, love is revealed and healing happens. The planet is evolving – and to succeed we need this next generation of healers and leaders to share their Light.” – Wendy Vigdor-Hess

Wendy takes you one step beyond transformational coaching to a place where you learn how to harness your own built-in system for bringing more peace to parenting. She is a must hear for any parenting group, school, professional organization looking to break out of the same rut they continually find themselves in.

Signature Talks for Holistic, Engaged Parents:

Parenting Struggling (but Gifted!) Children:

4 Ways to Bring Peace in the Home When You Have Tried Everything

Parenting isn’t easy in the best of circumstances. And most parenting classes focus on fixing “the problem” and “the behavior” – aka the child. But what’s influencing the behavior and challenges you’re facing? This talk will help you finally put all the pieces together.

I share 3 mindset shifts that can make an immediate difference, and the common perspectives that prevent parents from healing a challenging relationship with their kids.

In addition, I introduce 5 branches of healing that are not typically brought together to help parents shift chaos to ease, sickness to health and help create a connected, resilient and joyful family life.

No matter what specific concerns you have with your child, this talk begins with you at the center of it, giving you a deeper understanding of how you can help make the changes you desire, rather than relying on the latest trend in parenting to “fix you, your child and your family.” I’ll share personal stories as well as others from parents like you who have struggled and are thriving in new ways!

Reducing Your Child’s Screen Use in the Digital Age:

How to Create Connection and Avoid Screen Addiction

Do you feel stuck? You may not even believe in screens yet you are living in a home where “the screen thing” feels out of control, chaotic and hopeless.  Is it easier to have your child on a screen to get some peace?

You are not alone.  Whether just entering into the “device discussion” or into the “we opened a monster with this,” these are just a few of the things I hear from parents aiming for balance with technology.

Come join me to learn both tangible tips for technology use along with helpful tools, activities and language that creates connection instead of disconnection.

There are 3 options (for kids and their parents) to choose from:

An after school program

A weekend workshop

A 60-90 minute presentation

Let’s create the sanity you seek! 

Topics Include:

  • Down-to-earth discussion about how a healthy brain works that’s easy to understand for parents and their child, that removes the “because I said so” tone
  • Sampling of fun, simple and all-natural activities that create a soulful connection between you and your child, that you can take home with you
  • Co-creating a screen-use plan and healthy boundaries WITH your child–whether family has younger kids and just starting out or they’re worried about screen addiction.
  • Exploring and engaging in “old, but new” ideas for “what to do instead” of screen use” –from energy clearing tools, family friendly self care practices, mindfulness exercises, and even crafts to show you how life is full and rich and rewarding without a device in your hand.

This will be part discussion, play-based education and experiential day where your child will think this is a great parent-child day while learning something new. 

If these speak to you, I promise this will be a breath of fresh air.

Short Bio Sample: Wendy Vigdor-Hess, RDN is a family health and parenting coach specializing in helping holistic minded parents become the parent they need to be for their challenging (yet gifted) child. She is an author and creator of “From Challenging Child to Gifted Child” coaching program and helps parents bridge the divide between themselves, their child and their child’s future with her 5 step integrative approach. She has been coaching families since 2000.

Get to know Wendy and her approach at https://vigdorhess.com/approach/

Speaking Experience: 

  • Speaking in corporate venues (100+ attendees) and to small, intimate Q&A groups and interviews (15 attendees)
  • Speaking since 2000
  • Speaking formats include workshops, tele-classes, interviews, and webinars

Speaking Focus: 

  • Inspiring parents of struggling (yet Gifted!) children to see their roles differently
  • Neutralizing “bad behavior,” labels, “problems” and “problems to fix”
  • Authentic and conscious parenting with real, loving, and connected results
  • Integrative approach that brings together nutrition, balancing the family nervous system, family organization, eliminating sensory overload and strengthening your family immune system.

Speaking Style:

  • I’m authentic, relaxed, and yet to the point
  • I enjoy sharing my personal, often humbling experiences as a parent as well as other stories with permission from clients that are heart-warming and helpful to recognize we are never alone
  • I am warm, welcoming and non-judgmental

Speaking Audience:

  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Health clubs
  • Yoga studios
  • Podcasts
  • Networking groups

Ready to discuss booking me for your next business or school event, keynote or conference, and to request my speaker information sheet?

To schedule a time to set up a talk at your location, email Wendy here: wendy@vigdorhess.com

Parent Testimonial

“Thank you for a great Parent Ed night.  This talk last night was a great investment of my time!”

-C.G., parent of 2 and Moderator, Parents Network of Charlottesville

Event Director Testimonial

“Thank you again for being part of our cherished Jewish Book Festival. We loved having you here and the reviews have been great! Everyone is still buzzing about your presentation and I hope you feel proud of your contributions both written and verbal.”

– LH, Festival Director

Radio shows

NPR Interview 8/13:

WNRN: Wake Up Call 10/12:

Sample Listing of Speaking Engagements

  • Jewish Community Center of Rochester
  • Annual Gaia Gathering 2012
  • Mindful Living Series at the University of Virginia
  • University of Maryland School of Medicine at Kernan Hospital
  • Babies R Us
  • Brain Injury Recovery Group
  • GE Fanuc
  • Downtown Family Health Integrative Health Center
  • Five Star Fitness
  • Best of What’s Around Farm, LLC
  • Parents Network of Charlottesville, VA

Other engagements have included food processing companies, law firms, transportation companies, medical device and other manufacturing corporations.

Presentations in Educational (K-12) Arena

  • Bright Birthing Monthly Village Circles (brightbirthing.com)
    • Introductory class for Introducing Solids and Making Your Own Baby Food
  • 2015 Bend Yoga Class Series:
    • Starting Solids/First Foods for Babies
    • Navigating Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities in Your Home
    • Feeding the “Picky Eaters”
    • Effects of Sugar on Children
    • Suggestions and Easy How To’s for Meals with Caregivers
  • University Montessori School
    • Healthy Eating for Kids
  • Peabody School
    • Nutritional and Wellness Basics for Today’s Children
    • Healthy Eating and Division of Responsibility
    • Food Advertising on TV
    • Alternative Sweeteners for Halloween
  • Body Mind Spirit Yoga Studio
    • 4-class series for Feeding Babies and Children and Family Health
  • Divine Play
    • Sweetness Without Sugar Playshop
  • Nia and Nourishment 4-Class Series
    • Vashon Island, WA
    • Charlottesville, VA
  • Coming to Your Senses Retreat at SevenOaks Retreat Center
    • Coming to Your Senses with Deep Nourishment
  • Divine Play
    • Reiki for Kids

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