The results in my child and in my parenting are undeniable!

“Before working with Wendy, I felt terribly afraid for my child. I knew he was extremely sensitive and could recognize his experience of possibly feeling trauma, and unhealthy coping defenses to stop himself from expressing emotions and felt stuck about how to help him freely flow his emotions without fear or it feeling too big for us as parents to hold. Since our work together, I have newfound hope and belief. My confidence in parenting got stronger.  His behavior became less worrisome.  He is now the HEALTHIEST child I know, both physically and emotionally. And I’ve given breathing room for my husband to find his own way of relating and that’s a relief to our entire family as I’m not trying to control or always teach him. I’m no longer wishing my child was different, or that I was different, and found a sure, grounded footing in the world as a Highly Sensitive Parent and child. The new parenting tools Wendy introduced me have given me such confidence in keeping my child and my family healthy in all aspects of our lives: physically, emotionally, at school and even about our future.”

Katie, Mom of 1, work from home mom, Richmond, VA

Wendy truly changed my family’s life!

“Before I met Wendy, I felt overwhelmed and confused when it came to parenting my sensitive, empathic children.   I also felt emotionally, mentally, and emotionally exhausted as I tried to  navigate the world as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) myself.  I had read all the parenting books and self help books I could get my hands on, but nothing seemed to work.

Thankfully, Wendy’s deep knowledge and understanding of energy patterns, empathic families, and relationships helped transform the dynamic in our home. Wendy taught me practical ways to compassionately care for myself and my family that truly changed our lives.  She was able to clearly see and identify underlying patterns that were holding us back as individuals and as a  family – ones that I was never able to see for myself.

Wendy’s love and compassion truly shine forth in everything she says and does.  Her kindness and unconditional love has transformed my life and my families life.

As an energy medicine practitioner myself, I would never hesitate to refer Wendy to any of my clients who are feeling exhausted trying to heal and change the dynamic of their family unit.

Megan, Mom of 3, Author, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Waynesboro, VA

We finally found answers and now, stress and anxiety has now been put to rest.

“Working with Wendy is such a breath of fresh air! We were so used to in-and-out appointments with a variety of practitioners, and although those appointments might have been face to face, there was never a true connection between patient and doctor. Each time only addressing one or two issues we as a family of highly sensitive, and sometimes challenging children were facing.

Wendy takes into account your child, your parenting and the entire picture of your family unit, offering advice and tools that help the whole. Specifically, Wendy greatly improved the immunity of my children while also putting stress and anxiety to rest within myself and my husband.

At first we wondered about working with someone over the phone and questioned the connection we might feel or the healing we might experience, but that was quickly put to rest when the results showed us how effective she is and we felt an immediate connection!

Also, it was so handy to be able to contact her over the phone or through email as we are a very busy family of 7! Even to this day, she follows our family and helps us with “tune-ups” as needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for true healing for the whole family. She is such a blessing!”

Emma, Mom of 5, Personal Chef turned Holistic Homesteader, White Hall, VA

From growing pains to more calm, more relaxed and comfortable in his own skin

“When our son was having some emotional “growing pains” going on, we asked Wendy for some support. Not only did she provide deep healing energy for him, she ended up working on and supporting our WHOLE family.  Her energy work helped our son to be more calm, relaxed and comfortable in his body.

I don’t know what he actually experienced, but I know changes happened. When Wendy was doing the healing work with me, I personally felt a lot of positive energy, peace and a strong increased feeling of relaxation and calmness.

My whole family is blessed to have received her healing energy! Working with Wendy allowed me to see things with a new view. The deep healing helped me to have a whole new perspective on how I parented. The degree to which she showed a caring for our family went well beyond what I had expected. She is a beautiful person and healer!”

Karen, Mom of 2, Entrepreneur and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Northbrook, IL

I have a lot more patience with my husband and my daughter

“Our work together has really helped me to recognize the feelings and energies of both my daughter and myself. We are both incredibly sensitive and quick to react when something feels “off.” I feel much more comfortable now acknowledging those feelings and working with them rather than fighting or running from them.

I’ve noticed I have a lot more patience with my husband and daughter. Things that would previously frustrate and annoy me seem more like opportunities to engage in conversation or improve our non-verbal communication (Hugging, rocking my daughter though her fit of frustration rather than putting her in time-out).

Working a full-time job & being a parent to a toddler doesn’t leave me much free time and I’ve appreciated the flexibility of correspondence via email.  I can admit that I was VERY skeptical during our first session considering you had never been to my home to see my life and the energy around our home first hand. But I was blown away with some of the details that were sent to me after our session & the almost instant shift of energy. After making some suggested changes even my guests noticed. I started to hear a lot of “Your house feels so cozy” and “I don’t know why but I just love being here” After another session, I entered a full-blown healing crisis. (At least that’s what Google said, ha) But after working through it with you I found such a sense of peace and relief. Working with you is no joke – and I’m a firm believer in what you do and how you’ve helped us.

You are so kind and personable – although we’ve only met one time, I’ve always felt comfortable with you and talking with you about, well, anything!”

Ashtin, Mom of 1, Paraprofessional Teacher, Harrisonburg, VA

Wendy offers coaching with an authentic mix of wisdom, inspiration, professionalism, and loving support.  She and Bill have weathered storms and hard times while doing their best to support each other and remain true to themselves.

Wendy’s approach to her clients is laced with knowledge, skill, love, passion, and compassion. Wendy listens with an incredibly present mind, body, and spirit—and then speaks from her heart. She offers coaching with an authentic mix of wisdom, inspiration, professionalism, and loving support.

I met Wendy 18 years ago when she attended my Nia classes while I was living in Seattle. We connected immediately and we have been friends ever since. And I have had the pleasure of witnessing the relationship with her husband for many years, pre- and post-children! Their children are treasures. Observing Wendy’s and Bill’s parenting skills always brings a smile to my face. Like most families, they have weathered storms and hard times while doing their best to support each other and remain true to themselves.

Their commitment to parenting their two enthusiastic, thoughtful, sensitive, confident children is a gift and these gifts pour through Wendy’s coaching.

Wendy is a fierce mama bear. She offers protection to her children but at the same time also knows when to let go so they can shine forth as their own bright stars.

I value Wendy’s deep intuition and her desire to support the growth of women and their families. I whole-heartily recommend her as a coach and loving mentor.

Susan Tate, Author, Black Belt Nia teacher, Wellness Visionary, Mom of 2 and Grandmother to 3, www.susantate.org

The work that was done for myself personally, gave me the ability to see past myself and my own anxiety to become more attuned to my children’s emotions

The ability to release the burden of anxiety has allowed me to focus more on being present during everyday things like for example reading bedtime stories. While reading the stories I am able to interact with them as they respond to the story plot, a character, etc. instead of having my heart race and my mind feel as though it is in a blur. I have been able to ask more meaningful questions instead and become more connected.

I have been able to voice what I need from my partner, children (without hesitation) because I know that when I do not say what I need they will not know. I am learning to listen, not just hear but listen to what they need as well. This has allowed no room for resentment or frustration.

Being able to have a session without having to drive and havae an appointment was beyond amazing. I was skeptical at first. I was truly amazed at the physical response I experienced not being in her presence. Wendy was able to answer all questions I had via email, text and in person. I really appreciate that ability to text my questions as they would arise. I encourage you to look into working with Wendy, not only for your child/ren but for yourself, you will be enlightened.

Susan Butler, Mom of 3 and Teacher

marthaThick and thin and ups and downs, whether it be physical health challenges or emotional ones and she is always the calm in the eye of the storm.

“I don’t even know where to begin. I just can’t imagine our lives without Wendy.. She is such a warm, kind, gentle, and wise healer and now friend. She has seen our family through Thick and thin and ups and downs, whether it be physical health challenges or emotional ones and she is always the calm in the eye of the storm. She is able to “tune in” and get right to the heart of the matter and is able to distinguish when physical discomfort and pain are sourced from actual physical ailments or emotions. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge about essential oils, Herbs, homeopathy, nourishing foods, and healing modalities and she just always seems to know exactly what the body needs. She is such a gift and a blessing and I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Martha S, mom of 2, YL Silver Leader and Wellness Educator
“Wendy is an amazing, nurturing, attentive practitioner.  She genuinely cares about and listens to her clients.  Physical, emotional, and mental health of herself and others is clearly her life’s work. When you work with her you truly have a sense that you are in good hands. For me personally, Wendy was instrumental in my healing from Lyme’s disease.  She advised me on the right supplements and needs for my body.  I truly believe that I wouldn’t feel as strong and healthy as I do today if  not for her support.”
Maegan Williams McCardle
“Wendy helped me locate the best options for my families health and provided energetic support when things were very hard! I appreciate her energy work and recommend it to other families who need that extra support during difficult times. It was especially helpful for our health!”
“Hey Wendy!  Just wanted to give you an update on our 4 yo son. He is doing much better.  Mostly sleeping through the night and seems more secure in general.  It is nice to see him happier and more relaxed.  Thank you so much for all your help.”
AH, North Carolina