The Sweet Is on the Inside

The Sweet Is on the Inside

Atheas_NecklaceAs a culture, it seems we have a voracious appetite for purchasing and that many of our holidays and seasonal celebrations have been relegated to marketing to the “don’t haves or wish we could have” soft spots within our human states. Whether it is to our appetites or desire for sugar and other addictive foods or to our “bigger, better, gadgets” and other “necessities.”

I was recently having a conversation with someone about one of those big “kitchen-type” stores and mentioned how easy it is to look at the tall walls and say “oh, yeah, I have needed one of those openers with the special grip that also helps seal.” I’m all for innovative designs and am married to an amazing engineer and artist, Bill and also urge each of us to find value in ourselves and what we already have and offer or even need at a core level.  LOVE.

When you eat a sandwich cookie, do you split apart the sides and eat the middle first? Or, do you wait and save the inside for later? Maybe you even eat it all together.  There are so many ways to eat a cookie, to demonstrate love, to share a moment, to revel in beautiful surroundings, to create a life.  We are each unique and have our own essence to share with the world.

People often ask me for an answer to their sugar cravings or their food, life or emotional worries.  Or help with finding a balance with children about sugar and healthy eating.  In my own life too, I’ve explored a limited to no sugar with our kids and as they have grown, to the other side of the spectrum…allowing exploration.  What I know for sure is that we all innately have a wisdom within and kids are no exception.  What I have learned as I live it is an allowing for, an opening, a developing trust in our childrens’ resilience and my/our own.  Like the cookie and it’s filling, there are many ways to find balance as a family, with our children, as parents and as human beings.

The answer lies within us; my job is to help facilitate the process for people to look within to what has always been there.  I offer this through speaking, teaching, my E-course, book and sessions.  This is why I have never subscribed to particular diets as a one way and one answer for everyone.  I’m grateful to hear what is behind the words spoken and listen to that silence even if there is chaos on the outside, or a hardened shell-like cookie on the outside with the “good stuff” waiting patiently on the inside.

To love our whole self, darkness, light and all the shades in between is what we are being called to do in these intense times. My heart has literally hurt lately as I unfold old wounds, hidden hurts and the breadth of what I feel as an empath on this earth. At the same time, there is always more. The “to do list” is never complete, the growth and learning as a soul evolves. There are no guarantees and to learn resilience and to keep love and self-love along the journey remains a constant companion to soften, soothe and to give gentle nudges to remember to stay authentically ourselves as we forge ahead!

For this Valentine’s Day and for each day, we can choose love.  May we choose to stay open to new ways of embracing the magnificence of our being and allow What Is to direct us with clarity, compassion and LOVE.

I’m excited to be offering new opportunities in this coming  year.  If you are seeing this blog and are not on my mailing list, please join me by clicking here or find me on Facebook on my main page here and for more discussion here!  In my recent newsletter, I included some ideas for celebrating Love in a Myriad of Ways.  May you receive the love that is you during this holiday and every day.


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