Wellness Workshops

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Healing, Learning, and Growing in Groups

Wendy offers classes for children and families in addition to adult groups through workshops, school presentations, camps and lectures around the country. Please let her know of your topics of special interest.

For additional information, you can see more about her her Group Coaching and/or Corporate presentations, On-Site Wellness Workshops, Intuitive Nutrition and Emotion Code Sessions

Family Nutrition and Healing Classes


Combining her training as a Registered Dietitian, in pre-and perinatal education, as an energy healer and coach, Wendy is pleased to offer a conscious and mindful eating approach in her work with parents and children.  She offers classes for children and families in addition to adult groups through workshops, school presentations, youth programs and lectures around the country.

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Reiki Certification Classes


Wendy has been a Reiki Master Teacher since 2001. She has practiced and taught across the United States and loves sharing this with others. Reiki (pronounced “RAY-key”) is an ancient method of healing from Tibet. “Rei” means “universal” and “ki” corresponds to the “life force energy” known as Chi or prana in other Eastern systems like acupuncture or yoga.

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Herb and Oil Classes


These herb and oil offerings combine Wendy’s training in the Clinical Practice of Herbalism along with her passion for finding natural ways to support health, a healthy home and environment.  Whether it is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) class where we make something together or we gather to learn about plants or essential oils, Wendy brings her enthusiasm in support of empowering families to have tools at their fingertips.

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Webinar and Online Classes


This is the place Wendy can combine her love of teaching and speaking with her love of connecting with others and helping to facilitate deep and meaningful connection between people. Being a mom to two young kids, she delights in being able to reach far and wide with people who love to learn.  She also offers e-courses right to your inbox to partake in your pajamas over tea.

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What People Are Saying

“Thank you for a great Parent Ed night.  This time the topic was healthy eating for kids, which I was half tempted to miss because I feel like we’re doing “okay” in that department.  I thought I could just as easily pick up a book or check some websites and get all the info I needed.  But I’m so glad I decided to go!  I think devoting that hour and change to listening to and asking questions about the topic of healthy eating really moved it into the forefront of my mind in a way that merely leafing through a book would not.  Besides, given how long my “books to read” list is already, was I *really* going to go get a kids’ nutrition book and read it?  And as busy as I am, who has time?  That would have taken much more than an hour and a half!  Much better to just go to the Parent Ed night and have it all presented, with handouts.  I also enjoyed getting to see other parents.

I woke up the morning after the talk and was immediately armed with new ideas for things to prepare for the kids’ lunches, and you know what?  I already had everything in the house!  I just hadn’t been thinking about some of those things as “lunchy” foods.  I feel a lot less intimidated by tackling the next tier of healthy eating goals and practices, and I feel validated knowing that I am building on a foundation that was already a good start.  Plus, the grocery list handout that she gave us, organized by sections of the store, is super helpful.  I’m going to make one of those up for another store I frequent.  That really will be a huge time saver on grocery shopping day.

All of Wendy’s handouts were invaluable.  I did something that I’d like to pass on as a suggestion to other families.  I decided to three-hole-punch Wendy’s handouts and stick them in a binder, along with a handout of Healthy Lunch Ideas.  Now I’ve got a place to keep my ripped-out-magazine recipes and photocopied articles about feeding kids, in a handy spot, not filed away somewhere in the office, where I’ll never see these ideas again.

This talk last night was a great investment of my time!

parent of 2 and Moderator, Parents Network of Charlottesville
I was most satisfied with your class.  I wish we had more time; so many questions to ask! Your knowledge and personal teaching style really comes across during the questions and answers because the Q&As are unscripted. I liked having a handout. I will refer this class (Starting Solids) and others!.”
Debbie Wong, CPM