You Are Not the Only Annoyed Parent

You Are Not the Only Annoyed Parent

Working with parents, I often hear the stories. There is a culture to conform. To complain. To make the kids the problem or excuse.

Being a parent is for real. The commitment is full on – from sleepless nights to diaper changes, to developmental changes, to surrendering to a different relationship with time, to the heart openings, to seeing yourself (good and bad) in this small (or bigger) human in front of you.

A different reality is possible, and truly the freedom that most parents want. It’s a tweak that can be made on one’s own, with your partner and in your own family.

Even though it can be simple, it is not always easy.

I can see through the confusion for parents and find those nuggets and different ways to “do parenting” amidst these ever-changing and chaotic times.

The time is now. Why wait? I can help you make it a different year as I have for others.

If you want to stop being annoyed, embrace that you want something different, truly live differently in 2020 and beyond, then reach out to schedule a free session

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Do you want to bring me in to speak with some friends in the privacy of your own home or at your child’s school?

I have two signature talks that might be a great fit:

“Parenting Struggling (but Gifted!) Children: 4 Ways to Bring Peace in the Home When You Have Tried Everything.” It’s for Holistic Minded,Engaged Parents, like you!

“Reducing Your Child’s Screen Use in the Digital Age: How to Create Connection and Avoid Screen Addiction.” A Workshop/Playshop for Parents and their Children.

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